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Old 03-13-2014, 03:47 AM   #46
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So that's a no on offering the nesting spark plug kit separately?
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Old 03-13-2014, 06:26 AM   #47
Ilbikes OP
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Hiker, I wanted to get the first 1,000 kits sold before I sold the plug set separately. I designed it for the kit and I built the kit as a solution for the adventure rider to fit almost anything you wanted to throw a leg over.

I really want to stick to that for now. Please register on my site and you'll be the first to know about new offerings and be eligble to win something each week.

Thanks, Gordon/RTS
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Old 03-13-2014, 04:43 PM   #48
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I got a chance to unpack everything today.

As we've determined, the kit weighs in at 4lbs.

Rolled dimensions below. Keep in mind that this is as it was sent. It can be squished down a bit more if need be. Note that the baby did not come with the kit.

The roll is very high quality, and tough!

The tools were better than expected. I did spot a lot of Vessel. I have had great experiences with their products before, so I am happy to see them in here.

What really made me happy was the Torx bits. All bits are not made the same, and I've run across my fair share of cheap bits. These were very well made. They fit my Torx bolts very snugly, as they should. I am quite pleased with these.

And finally, the only thing I feel the need to add to the kit. I feel very confident that I can tackle most issues with what we have here in the kit. However, as a man who likes to break things, these Irwin pliers have saved my butt on many occasions. Fortunately, the zippered mesh pocket makes for a nice place to put them.

All in all, I'm impressed with the kit. Sure, I might could have assembled most of these components on my own, but there is a lot to be said for getting them all in one transaction, and delivered in a neat and organized roll.

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Old 03-14-2014, 12:31 AM   #49
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OK my turn!

First two disclaimers:

This is my first attempt at a detailed post with photos, and I am using my tablet, so pardon any clumsiness.

Second, I'm a recovered Harley-Davidson Mechanic. I say "recovered" because while I had some good times, met great people, and have crazy stories to tell, I ultimately didn't find fulfilment in the industry. As my buddy Electric Bill Brownfinger once said "Working at your hobby is a great way to ruin a good hobby". I left the industry 12 years ago, bitter and disappointed (and broke I might add), sold my bike, and washed my hands of it.

Fast forward to October, I turned 40, and my wife said it was time to get a bike again. I guess I had enough distance from the commercial aspect of riding that I could start over. Also we can't afford a Porsche for my mid life crisis. Also I don't like Porsches.

So naturally I got a 950 Adventure. They're totally bitchin, I know how to work on carburetors, and on my FXR I powder coated all the shiny metal black and had a sparkly safety orange paint job. I was MEANT for a KTM!

"WTF n00b, get to the tools!"

OK OK! Just know that the back story is relevant because I have certain credibility; I have professional experience using high quality hand tools to work on motorcycles, and come from a motorcycling perspective of "your word is your bond".

Let's move on.

I saw this thread like everyone else here, liked the concept, and realized that in my aircraft carrier of a toolbox, I don't have the right size metric tools! The half ass kit that I found under the seat had a few of the original KTM set, but too many missing pieces and the random additions were of dubious quality.

Initially, my goal was to throw this tool roll under the seat and ride off into the sunset. Turns out, its a bit too large to fit underneath, but I have a tank bag and the Gobi 3 piece luggage set, and usually leave my top case on because damn that thing is convenient! Its going to be a long time before I get over the novelty and luxury of hard luggage.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I need a competent set of tools for the garage and was going to start piecing that together, but after receiving and handling this kit, I think I'm done shopping.

Prior photos have shown the rolled dimensions, and the website has more, but here's a couple of the array of tools and their arrangement:

(Sorry, I don't know why that one is upsidedown...)

First impressions: I like these tools.

The wrenches are light weight, the brushed finish indeed should be easier to hold with wet or greasy hands (as intended per Gordon's earlier post), and I like the assortment. I like that there is a duplicate of each open end size in a box end, and the 12 point box end means you have orientation options on harder to reach nuts or bolts.

Socket assortment is perfect, the fit is precise (on the 8mm and the 10mm I used tonight) and the ratchet is clever, super lightweight, and compact. It has a magnetic collar that can be removed, but holds the bits in nicely, and you get a " & ⅜" adapter for the sockets. The T handle offers an alternate way to drive sockets and bits. The 6 inch " drive and 3 inch " drive extenders offer more flexibility for clearance and leverage.

This tool roll is also feature rich. There is a magnetic patch in the open flap cover for not losing those pesky little washers and such, as well as a good sized zippered pouch. That will be perfect for extra o rings, zip ties, a few zip lock bags. I'll probably even put a little bottle of loctite in there.

Tiny flashlight is tiny! Its also super bright. I have a few small flashlights, but wasn't sure which would be best for my "on the bike" toolkit. This is better than all the other candidates.

As advertised in Gordon's post, the pliers and air pressure gauge feel a bit on the cheap side and not really commensurate with the high quality of the other items. I agree with him that pliers are not really "proper" for using on nuts and bolts and such, but they can be very useful for getting hoses off fittings or cutting wires. I think the kit wouldn't suffer without them, as many riders would probably have a pair they could add. Alternately, maybe some needle nose pliers instead, or even a supplemental kit/optional item (like the torx bits). I like the prior post idea of locking vise grip needle nose, too.

I prefer the round dial type air pressure gauges anyway, so I already have that need filled, the one from the kit can go in the bicycle tool area.

I think the spark plug nesting tool is very clever and efficient, and while my bike requires a special set up for getting the spark plugs out, I admire the conservation of design. I'll certainly be riding with non KTM twins, so that tool is going in the "on the bike kit".

That pretty much sums it up and is a great segue for some comments about Gordon/RRR Tools.

I ordered my kit on Saturday because I needed SOMETHING, the kit seemed complete and good quality, and he posted an offer to pay shipping for orders through the weekend.

When I checked out, it appeared the coupon code didn't take, and I was charged full pop. I PM'd Gordon the next day and even though he's across the country from me (I'm in California) and it was late for him he responded very quickly and pledged to take care of it. Cool! I received an email with tracking right away, and 2 days later my box was at the post office, I picked it up earlier today.

But there's something else I want to talk about. Last night when checking my email I received a message from Gordon (again, late in his evening) that he found an error. The smallest spark plug wrench had been machined wrong and wouldn't work. He gave a heartfelt and personal apology, explained that he already had a solution in the mail, and though he had tried to notify all affected parties via his newsletter, he'd received feedback it was lost in spam filters so he was reaching out directly.

Huh? He had 13 orders that were affected, yet he disclosed to his entire subscription base (almost 300 people) that he messed up?

To me, that speaks volumes. It reveals a commitment to the highest level of integrity and shows an earnest and humble approach. He didn't have to tell anyone else but the 13 affected parties, and since he did so before anything had delivered, I doubt anyone would have cared!

Whether you need tools now or not, you'll want to pay attention to what Gordon is doing. He's clearly obsessed with design and quality, has creative innovations, and is down to earth and easy to deal with.

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Old 03-14-2014, 10:28 AM   #50
Ilbikes OP
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I sincerely appreciate the comments. I'm so glad that you guys are pleased with the kits. It was hard for me to decide what would be included and how much we (you, me, and all users) could spend on a good set. I loved that T-Handle with it's solid steel handle for my sockets here at home, but I wanted it for my screws too. And when it comes to screws - No one turns them better than Vessel and their JIS design. I made sure every bit was made to their commercial tools specs for grade, then made to the shorter length for my kit. The separated boxed and open wrenches were a must have for me, and I could not stand those aftermarket plug sockets with the screwdriver hole. Try one of those cheap aftermarket sparkplug sockets on an old CB750 Honda, an ST1300, and dozens more -you'll stay fouled beside the road. They don't work simply because they won't clear the recesses of the cylinder head and covers.

I had 2 customers ask me questions about the small red collar on the ratchet, so here is a short video to explain why I made this ratchet part of my set. I love this little tool! I'll tell you up-front that I don't like the voice part of the video, but they make their money with voice-overs. They make sure that you look at and think about "buying" their voice services with every view.

Thanks to all of you supporters. You Guys ROCK!

For those that haven't registered, please do so to get included in my weekly drawings.

Best Regards, Gordon/RTS

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Old 03-26-2014, 08:23 PM   #51
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I got my tools from RRR today. I won't post pictures because my tools look just like those already posted here!

Stand-outs for me are the T-Handle ( the shaft AND the cross part are steel, it's solid ) the Ratchet because it's small, and I like the thumbwheel and magnetic collar. The wrenches are nice, I like how they were designed so that you can wield identical sizes in each hand, instead of having the open and box ended part on one wrench. I use a CJ designs spark plug tool for my LC8 bike, but I'll be bringing these nesting ones with me because they will fit friends bikes and they take up virtually no room on account of how they "nest".

I was one of the people who got a kit that was affected by that pesky first "out of spec" spark plug socket, but I got the replacement before I even got the tools! ( Tools were held at Customs longer ). I respect that.

I also ordered the 8 piece Vessel screw driver set from RRR, and those screwdrivers are pretty good. Better than anything I have here currently, and I have quite a range of brands.

I'm happy with the tool set, and I'm sure I'll add a few odds and ends of my own, but for the price this set is good. It's a smart setup.
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