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thanks to all

Hey Bill! It was nice meeting and riding with your group on Thursday. My buddy Charlie hated all the street riding on Friday but enjoyed Titus Canyon. Riding the KTM dirt bike seat made him saddle sore! LOL. The two other riders that joined us were Gary on his KLR and Jeff on his Strom. Jeff rode with us to Ryolight and hesitated at first to ride the dirt through Titus Canyon. But he manned up and took on the challenge! He did awesome! Charlie ripped once he got on the dirt and I followed Jeff to make sure he was comfortable on the dirt. I stopped to adjust the spare gas I was carrying for the KTM. After I caught up, I saw Jeff hit some soft sand and fell over. Someone stopped to help him pick up his bike. Jeff re-mounted and killed it the rest of the way! Nice job Jeff!

On Saturday Gary took Charlie and I to Teakettle Junction and the Raceway. Charlie enjoyed the ride better this time since it was mostly dirt. I had a few "moments" hitting 4th gear pinned on the BMW and found out how much the GSA is NOT a real dirt bike! The BMW just sucks in the soft stuff. After second guessing myself and imagining certain death riding through Lippencott road, i manned up and went for it. I have to say the road itself is easy if your in a jeep or real dirt bike. But after riding the GSA through it, I realized the loose rocks suck too! Having to squeeze by a hummer and two jeeps on the worst section of the road didn't help either! LOL.

Keep in touch and hope to ride with you all again.


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Hi, wanna ride?
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Nice report and pics Bill, looks like you are getting this computer thingy figured out.
Life is an adventure that requires the correct equipment

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The Gate Crashers' ride

Jo and I hauled out Thursday and based out of Stovepipe Wells. This picture was taken by the girl who eventually reported us to the rangers as missing which we were not. She thought we were coming back Friday when we were planning to return Saturday. Wishful thinking on her part?

Our plan was to go camp at the hot springs. On the road:

Jo on Saline Valley Road. The flowers were really blooming here.

Me on the same road:

Jo and Pablo at the hot springs:

One of the showers and pools at the springs.

My camping spot. I was woken up by a burro who then woke up a coyote.

Pablo and Jo checking enjoying the view

Heading back to PSR the next afternoon, we stopped to smell the flowers that were blooming in south pass:

After fueling up at PSR and having dinner Friday, we headed to camp to ask for directions to the Osborne cabin. Matt said it's off of Nadeau road and not far from camp. "Do not go to Lookout City", he said; "It's rocky and really tough." Well, we thought we were on the right road to Osborne...

Turns out we were well on our way to Lookout City via a rock garden route.

Unable to make it any further in the dark, I rode up to the beginning of the switchbacks and headed back to share the bad news with Jo. Exhausted, we decided to camp in place and ride out in the morning.

Later that evening, a couple of quads and razors came down and confirmed our suspicions - we were on the LO City road.

Sunrise from our granite outcropping:

Morning light. We were the only two humans around:

Riding back down to Nadeau road in daylight, we were able to explore our surroundings making the best of being lost :)

We ran into Lior and Moshi on Nadeau Road who mentioned that two guys were lost who matched our descriptions. We thought they were talking about two guys out of PSR so we didn't think anything of it. We rode onto Ballarat.

At Ballarat, we were told that it was US the rangers were looking for so we bee lined it back to Stovepipe wells to set the record straight.

After a late lunch at Stovepipe Wells, we rode out to Wildrose to check out the charcoal kilns.

The gate to Mahogany Flat campground was open so we rode up there too. There's a gate leading to the peak that was closed. @ 8300', it was freezing up there!

Back at Stovepipe Wells, the winds were ripping through the campground. We decided to sleep in the open on the trailer instead of putting up the tents. We had to lash the sleeping pads down to the trailer to keep them from blowing away though!

It was good seeing familiar faces on the trail again as well as meeting some new ones. See you guys :)
Duy. You know, like the decimal system.
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Originally Posted by slugdad View Post
tim and I left wed. getting to psr and the wind about 2. no sense pitching
tents in the wind so off to thompson canyon alas mist have made a wrong turn and came to this. since we are basically suckole' at riding and it being our first day we opted not to chance hurting bikes or bodies.

You guys were on the Look Out City road. The rock on the right side of the third picture looks like the one Jo and I camped on top of on Friday.
Duy. You know, like the decimal system.
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Originally Posted by bigtodd View Post
Nice report and pics Bill, looks like you are getting this computer thingy figured out.
amazing the results you can get with a threat of 220v and a single jack
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Originally Posted by Fishyhead View Post
You guys were on the Look Out City road. The rock on the right side of the third picture looks like the one Jo and I camped on top of on Friday.
you mean we could have died, cool!

tim said he saw you in camp, sorry i missed you boys
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Originally Posted by slugdad View Post
you mean we could have died, cool!

tim said he saw you in camp, sorry i missed you boys
Next time, mister. Tim seemed none too pleased with that rock hell when we spoke to him. I can't say I loved it either, at least not until a day or two after
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ktm's "the tourist"
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finally home. thanks again to everyone, i mean to all who participated who were there and those who were not able to come but in many ways made valuable contributions to the rally.

this one is going to go down as the smoothest event so far. excellent daytime weather, good and fun riding, no drama, though some carnage and one rider with a broken collar bone ?. sorry, i forgot your name, nevertheless hope you are feeling better and have a quick recovery.

it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces, and awesome to meet meet and ride with many noobs. it was also a pleasure, made new friends and hang out with them.

yesterday afternoon, i handed $1K to chris horgan of the STEWARDS OF SEQUOIAS and he is grateful to all of us for our donation.

uploading my pics, will get my rr up soon.

I HAVE A FEW RAFFLE PRIZES that people could not take with them on their bikes and gave them back to me and more stuff came in after i left the house. we will pick a picture that we can use for next year's dvnr 1st page thread and also some interesting RR. give it your best shot and post them here. your good stuff can win stuffed goodies.

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Glad to know there is no major issue
Looking forward to all the ride reports
Big to Joel and all those volunteer their time and to all the sponsors.
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I had a great time at the rally, and I am thankful to everyone who comes together to make this event happen. It is always fun to meet new friends, and to catch up with old ones. The spirit of this event is to help inexperienced riders improve their skills. With that being said, let's get to the ride report:

We started out with a small group from camp on Friday and headed out to Goler Wash & Mengel Pass.

I had posted the ride as intermediate and recommended smaller bikes. Joel had asked me to open up the ride to larger bikes, so I figured I would open it up and see what might happen. When the 1200 GS rolled up, I was a bit concerned but I suspended judgment.

Some nice flowers throughout DV this year

It took the noobs a little while to get into Ballarat

All here and ready to continue

TonyJ's 800 had no problem riding up the "step" (or anywhere else that day)

B&S 5HP gave it a good try

Gooserider on the 1200 gave it another attempt
(Goler and Mengel would prove a bit too much of a challenge for the large bike throughout the day)

Lunch stop at Barker Ranch
We were already running behind at this point, but everyone wanted to continue on.
No one wanted to go back down the wash as was originally planned.
Looking back now, I think that would have been the best decision.

It took the slowest riders an hour to cover the few remaining miles to Mengel Pass. (Another group had come in from behind and all the bikes were tangled up together).

While we were waiting, a burro slowly made it's way across the pass

Another traffic jam of bikes just after the pass. We helped our riders through and some of the next group.

Finally moving again (or so I thought) we headed out into Butte Valley and on to Warm Springs camp.

This is where things got strange. One KLR had electrical problems and continued on mixed in with the other group. No word on that as the riders all rode past Warm Springs, so we followed the large group down to West Side Road. Little did we know, the two slowest riders in our group (including the 1200) were still making their way out into Warm Springs canyon.

We waited at the bottom of Warm Springs for 45 minutes. The sun was getting close to setting over the ridge. We sent one rider back to camp to let everyone know the situation, and Soupknotzee and I rode back up the road to Warm Springs camp. That is where we found the two remaining riders. They had struggled all day and were clearly tired and worn down. I strongly encouraged them to pick up the pace as it would get much harder to ride out of the canyon in the dark. Note the long shadows as I followed the GS down the hill.

The sun set as we hit the highway for camp.

On the way back to camp, we would eventually run across L18flyboy and his son at the top of Towne Pass. His son had heroically towed the dead KLR from the south end of West Side Road all the way back to Panamint Springs. That is about 100 miles! No small achievement for that young man.

We all arrived late at camp. Thanks to Cory and Marcia for saving us some dinner. Everyone was able to eat, even though we all arrived back well after dark (straggling in between 9-10 PM). Not much time left to socialize and hang out, just prep for Saturday and get to bed.

I had planned on leading an Echo Canyon ride on Saturday, but I had hurt my wrist man-handling a number of bikes through various parts of Goler Wash and Mengel Pass. I cancelled the Echo ride and opted to do a Chloride/Titus loop with JoefromSF and Soupknotzee. We had a great ride.

Chloride Cliffs

Titus Canyon

Aguereberry Point

Back to camp through the howling winds in time for dinner and the Saturday night raffle. Another awesome year in DV. Thanks again to Joel and the volunteers for making it all happen.

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Where are my tools?
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Like, I have a motorcycle and I want to play too, okay?

I took an extra day off work then proceeded to sneak out of the office early Tuesday in hopes I'd get out of town faster. I booked it home, hooked the trailer up to the Jeep, and started gathering the last items as I waited for my wife to get home for clearance to launch.

Of course by the time she got home I ended up getting sidetracked with this little project and that and didn't leave until nearly 10:00 anyway. Damnit.

I saw a lot of this:

And I was sure glad I had these 300 extra watts of light, it's awfully dark once you get off 395 (I took the Redrock/Ransburg Road to Searles Station and Trona route).

I pulled in to PSR at 3:30 Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I reclined my seat and fell asleep near my buddy's place out there. Wednesday I woke up and proceeded to fart around until lunch, where I got to the important stuff:

After that I eventually got all my riding gear on, tossed the repeater in David's Jeep, and rode out to South Pass to place the repeater. It was very windy but I made it there and back.

Then we went back to camp and did roughly nothing for the rest of the day.

Thursday ended up being relaxing as well. I meant to gear up and go out for a ride, I kept almost putting my special pants on. But then I ended up doing far more important things instead.

Friday I actually got serious. I woke up at 7:00, got breakfast at the PSR restaurant, and joined Joel's warm springs ride. As expected I was that slow asshole in the group but people didn't throw rocks at me too hard. Plus this year Joel didn't even have to yell at me once to stand up!

Turnoff to springs. Facing Southish back toward camp.

Where's the bikini bike wash?

For Saturday I went off by myself. I had a mission to put at least 180 miles on the bike so I could turn 25,000 over at DVNR. Initial plan was Titus to Racetrack then to wherever I end up so off I went to Beatty.

Of course you can't go to Nevada without gazing at at least one naked lady.

By the time I had gotten there I had talked myself into riding down to Racetrack, backtracking to Teakettle, then taking Hidden Valley over to Hunter and back in through Saline. This would guarantee I hit 25k on real dirt. Yea! So I blew off Titus Canyon and high-tailed it back to the main road so I could get to Racetrack, what could go wrong?

After waiting at idle a few minutes at the construction by the Ubehebe Crater turnoff something went wrong. I heard a funny noise, looked down, and saw my coolant temperature gauge buried in the red. The funny noise was my electric fan struggling for its last revolutions. I pulled off and waited a bit to cool down, thinking of a plan of action.

Fuck it, let's go.

I rode it in to the crater having no problem maintaining enough speed to keep it cool. When I got on Racetrack Road I rode a bit harder than my usually idiot noob pace and was doing pretty well until it got steeper. Unfortunately my skills just aren't there to comfortably maintain 40+ on the road, I was already feeling at the edge of my skill at 30 - 35.

I called it about at the peak of the road before you drop into Racetrack valley. I pulled over and ate lunch.

The brisk pace on the washboard road really beat up my poor cookie.

Not a bad place for lunch, yes KLR guys bring chairs with them for lunch, don't you?

I turned around and rode back, of course I had no trouble keeping the temp. down as I descended nor on the pavement. As I neared the magic number I watched the odometer more than the road so I could pull off. I clicked over to 25k even on the shoulder so I guess technically I did so on dirt.

I then slabbed it back in the general direction of PSR. I fueled at Stovepipe (I tend to never pass gas stations in DV) then started smelling something funny as I approached the summit of Towne Pass.

I spent a little over an hour directing traffic there. If you saw an idiot in the road wearing gear that was me. My best guess is she was booking it up Towne Pass with that trailer and cooked the transmission. When the fluid boiled out of the vent tube it ultimately ignited and lit up the soaked truck and wood trailer bed. That was the end.

I eventually got back to PSR, changed out of my gear, and went to chow down shortly after the line opened. About the time the dinner shut down I got Pablo on the radio. He had a badly fatigued rider he was helping out in Saline Valley. We decided to go fetch him. I jumped in my Jeep and Mike (?) took his truck and off we went to the rescue. It ended up being a simple little drive down Saline Valley Road (at this point my third trip in and out of there for the weekend). We met up with the group just before South Pass, picked up the bike and rider, and got him back safely and uneventfully. I got back to find that I got some great schwag in the raffle, thanks sponsors, I'm really excited to install and test those Sena headsets but it might be hard to do after I drive the bottle of Karma tequila!

Sunday it was time to head back to reality. :( I loaded up very, very slowly, dropped by PSR to sign the guest book, and headed to my repeater on South Pass.

Yes, that makes a total of four trips to or beyond South Pass for the weekend.

This is what 17 miles of 55 miles per hour on a washboard road does to a bike, it walked forward a bit. (I've got some extra tie downs that I will burn on before the next outing to keep this from happening again.)

Nice view:

After loading the repeater up on the trailer it was another 55 MPH drive to the highway. By the time I got to 190 I had convinced myself to come back to PSR and DV for my birthday in a little under a month; 4.5 hours later I was home and had talked the wife into going out in the little Jeep (the big one doesn't have AC). Second order of business will be getting that racetrack / Hunter loop done, first will be some PSR beer upon arrival.

Thanks to Joel and all the other volunteers for herding us cats and the sponsors for giving us some great tasting candy! Also to PSR for putting up with this bunch of cretins and lubricating us with tasty beer.
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Great pictures.... So much fun.
I thought YOU had the map......
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So decided to hit up the Noob Rally this year up at Death Valley cause I had never been there before. The ADV group seems to be a lot of fun to hang out with too. I was one of four Stroms that we noticed there. Most of the field was made up of BMWs, KTMs, ect. And a bunch of KLRs also.

I got off work around 500pm on Thursday. Rushed back to the barracks and got the bike loaded up and was on the road before 545. Took me about 4 and a half hours to make it there with over half the trip being done in pitch dark with no moon in across the desert. I had no idea what was around me until I came back though this morning on my way out. It was beautiful. All I could see on the way up though was where my headlights were shinning.

I rolled into Panamint Springs resort around 1030 then proceded to putt around camp on the bike trying to find the campsite. I was looking at the map of the campground they had put on ADVRIDER upside down :/

The next morning. You can probably guess which one is my bike.


The gas station across the road had some old equipment setup for show

Glad I have a 200 mile range. I only bought gas here one time

The different groups meeting up in the morning

Our first stop is a cabin in the middle of BFE. Apparently there are cabins like this scattered thoughout DV and they work off the honor system. Use whatever you want but leave what you can behind for the next group and cleanup after yourselves.

One of my riding buddies from out here in San Diego. He couldn't stand up right in the cabin

The next stop. Pretty good view.

Ted on his Strom

Group Panorama

Josh next to a Joshua Tree

Teakettle Junction was interesting. I signed one of the kettles. For the next 35 miles after this we were on heavy washboard to the "racetrack" to see the moving rocks then to the Crater

Trail in the dry lake bed bed left by one of the moving rocks. I think that when it rains and the lakebed becomes muddy the high winds in the area actually push the large rocks across the lake bed.

The rock that left the trail from the edge of the lake bed

Extremely vast

Huge crater that was created by superheated steam from water over a magma pocket some 2000 years ago

Lots of roads like this out here that just seem to go to nowhere

On day two I struck out on my own since Ted had work to do via WiFi and Paul had rolled his ankle at camp the night prior. I went East towards Nevada and Titus Canyon along with Beaty and a few other landmarks. Other than Titus Canyon this day would be mostly paved.

Ryolite was a very interesting little ghost town. One of the B-movie scifi flicks I like Cherry 2000 was partially filmed here

One of the residents there has setup an odd collection of art

I really didn't get this one

The walls on this house are made completely out of bottles.

The local Cemetery

Heading into Titus Canyon requires a bit of a trek to get into the mouth of the canyon

Entering the Canyon. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of it but in the middle of the ride though the canyon I come across a Suburban and a Xterra loaded with college age kids.....not just in the vehicles but covering the roofs of both vehicles as well. Weird. I didn't get a picture because the floor of the canyon is covered in a pea gravel type substance and I had my hands full with the Strom down there.

Leaving the canyon and heading back towards the Tarmac

Really neat geological formation. Also gave me time to get my front tire aired back up after airing down to 25 psi

Once again wide open spaces

Dante's View. The spot where I'm standing is just a bit over 5000 feet according to my GPS. The floor below is at over negative 200 feet.

Part of the road going to Dante's View

Heading towards Badwater. Lowest place in the US and the Western Hemisphere

If you look really close you can see the "SEA LEVEL" sign about half way up the cliff face.

Very hot, dry and windy down here even though it's not even summer yet

At Furnace Creek. Place that holds the record for the hottest day in America

Headed back towards camp. Again no pics but at the top of the pass before dropping down into Panamint springs I ran across what as left of a trailer and truck. Looked like the fire started on the trailer where 4 or 5 bikes were tied down (only the rim were left by this point) and spread into the truck. Luckily no one was injured but I never found out who they were

Last night at camp

The drawing for all the goodies

Ted enjoying his last cider of the night

This guy binned up his 1200GS something bad. Somehow during his wreck in the sand the bike landed upside down and basically shattered the whole upper fairing. That's a series of RokStraps holding his headlight pod on along with his Instrument cluster which had the glass broken out of it. The gauges still worked and as far as I know he was riding it back home today.

Headed back to San Diego. Snow still dusts the tops of some of the peaks here

Coming down out of Hisperia, CA on I-15. Ted in the lead

Paul splitting off and heading to LA. He was having the suspension on the GS rebuilt and upgraded. Good timing since the Washboard roads in DV blew the seal out of his rear shock.

That's all the pics I have. Got home a few hours ago. Still need to get my gear unpacked and cleaned up.
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Suzuki Phil
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Thanks for putting on another great DV Noob rally Joel. My dog had a great time also.
Attached Images
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Where are my tools?
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Originally Posted by jeepinbanditrider View Post
Again no pics but at the top of the pass before dropping down into Panamint springs I ran across what as left of a trailer and truck. Looked like the fire started on the trailer where 4 or 5 bikes were tied down (only the rim were left by this point) and spread into the truck.
Trailer had a bunch of outdoor furniture and other stuff on it, possibly already junk before it burnt up. I arrived shortly after it fully lit up, I think it was from boiling off transmission fluid enough to cause it to blow out of the vent hole and ultimately catch fire (ATF has a low flash point, low enough that if it hits, say, a catalytic converter it is likely to ignite). Then the fire probably spread to the underside of the truck and wood-floored trailer (which was probably covered in un-ignited ATF already at that point). She was probably trying to go too fast up Towne Pass without bothering to downshift.
2005 KLR 650 A bit beat up but works just fine. Powered by really angry canaries.
1985 Suzuki GS700E Some assembly required
1977 Cimatti City Bike. What, you call that a build thread? Officially stalled...
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