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  1. Sfcootz
    Sfcootz Rider 101
    24 hours for cartoon titties.
  2. Sfcootz
  3. FinlandThumper
    FinlandThumper TarTripper
    2 weeks for tits
  4. Sfcootz
    Sfcootz Cycle61
    oh hai there.
  5. Sfcootz
    Sfcootz shores
    I lifted the ban placed by Andrew after discussing with him and sent shores a pm. I let him know shitting on moderators was not okay.
  6. Johnny Drunkard
    Johnny Drunkard
    Esperando perderse
  7. LexTalionis
    LexTalionis RTWRENO!
    If you ride a thumper send me an email, a group of thumper riders will be getting together for dinner Thursday, 10/12.
  8. Misery Goat
  9. AceRph
    AceRph robert-maple
    Honey forwarded your message concerning tent space in Paso Robles. Our apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We're not able to help you this weekend. Sorry, man.

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  10. kbasa
    I really need to ride.
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  11. CA Stu
    CA Stu mississippimadman
    Complaints about his posts led me to look at his posting history and a 48 hour ban. Pruned some posts, sent to road Warriors thread in HE.

    "Your trash talking and name calling in the bike forums has gone too far for too long. Be good or be gone."
  12. Baldy
    Wondering if trolls will diminish us
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  13. kbasa
    Hello New Year. Let's do better in 2017
  14. Baldy
    Cleaning up some annoyances on the site
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  15. Baldy
    Checking the pulse of CS&M after the election
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  16. LexTalionis
    LexTalionis NorCal Jeff
    New to riding or just the DR? Get up to STP (Hwys 35 & 84) much, we could rendezvous there some Saturday for a beer in the parking lot. I'm assuming you misspelled Scotts Valley, off Hwy 17 between San Jose and Santa Cruz.
  17. Dranrab Luap
    Dranrab Luap UnsureFooting
    Banned for numerous personal attacks in perfect line. Asked to dial it back. Bitched about moderating when asked to back off the personal attacks.
  18. canuckscott
    one week until Highway 101! hold off snow!!
  19. jonnywdwd
    jonnywdwd pluric
    Hi pluric,
    Hoping this is an appropriate place to contact you. I noticed you are a SLC resident. I'm a new sv650s owner living in SLC and would love the opportunity to meet someone with experience of this bike or the naked model to show my bike to and get some tips. Do you still have yours?
    Jonny Woodward
  20. scootermann
    scootermann x1valin1x
    Helooooo? still trying to reach you regarding Scala com set.... Is it available?