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Mar 19, 2003
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Have bikes, will travel, from Peoples Republic of Cambridge MA

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Nov 25, 2015 at 9:19 AM
    1. flei
      Hi Eric- How is it out there in CO?? Hope you are all settling in well and that you are getting some ride time. Cro Mag is this week; will miss seeing you there. Steve
      1. Happycamper
        Steve, hi! Our house closing is Wednesday, so riding has been limited. I did ride 100 miles of dirt last weekend on the 690 - the off pavement riding here seems limitless. I cannot wait to get moved in and see what riding I can squeeze in before winter sets in. Next year, look out . If you can make it out sometime I'll have a bike for you to ride!
        Sep 13, 2015
      2. flei
        Where have you been staying?? Has your daughter started school yet? I'm sure that the off road riding there is amazing. I love the Southwest nd ROcky Mtn states. I hope I can make it out there sometime and take advantage of your generous offer!
        Sep 13, 2015
      3. Happycamper
        Because we were in contract my daughter was able to start school a couple of weeks ago in the district we are moving to. We have been hoteling it in the meantime.
        I am serious about if you can make it out. It is ridiculous how far you can ride with a minimum of pavement and usually the pavement is at least scenic and/or twisty.
        Sep 13, 2015
    2. geebes
      Hey man, its Geoff, just met you today outside the coffee shop. I had the Triumph with the Mosko bags. Anyway, good to meet you and let me know when you're settled and we'll ride! Good luck with everything.
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      2. Happycamper
        Geoff. Sounds great - lets stay in touch.

        Jul 31, 2015
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    Route 66 and UT in 2009 and the Blue Mountains of Australia in Fall of 2011
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    Anywhere I haven't been as long as they have good beer at the end of the ride
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