'03 640adventure clutch slipping in first

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by ajvanderlee, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Ok, I just wanted to pick some brains on this one before I replace my clutch(only 12,000miles). My 640 clutch momentarily slips and then catches quickly only in first gear. Is this clutch failure(worn discs) or an adjustment only? More annoying them anything.
  2. It'sNotTheBike

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    Jul 20, 2011
    Are you using JASO-rated oil in the engine ?

    Or are you using automotive oil ?

    Oil engineered for cars doesn't work well with a wet motorcycle clutch and should
    never be used in a motorcycle which has a wet clutch ( "wet" means the clutch
    runs in a bath of oil which is shared with the gearbox and in the case of a 640, the
    rest of the engine as well ).

    Non-JASO oil can cause clutch slip.

    Also, if your clutch master cylinder fluid reservoir is overfilled with mineral oil it can
    prevent the clutch release mechanism from having the free play required to work
    properly. Check your fluid level. You can remove a bit of fluid out of the reservoir
    by dabbing a perfectly clean paper towel into the fluid. An overfilled reservoir
    could cause clutch slip in pretty much any gear. It's worth taking five
    minutes to check. Two Phillips-head screws attach the reservoir cover and
    underneath that cover there is a rubber bellows which prevents the fluid from
    "sloshing". Carefully lift the rubber bellows out to check the fluid level.

    Here is a thread which deals with bleeding the clutch hydraulic system :


    FInally, if none of the above possible causes applies in your case,
    you could do worse than to remove the clutch cover and have a look.
    If one or more of the fasteners which hold the clutch assembly to the clutch
    hub are coming loose, your engine could be severely damaged by chunks of
    metal if one of the fasteners breaks free and starts moving around inside the
    engine. If it were my bike I would want to make sure this is not happening.

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    Are you the original owner, has the clutch been apart?

    In the shop manual are specific instructions for reassembly also the basket could be notched momentarily holding the plates apart.