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    ADV Pamplonika:

    Hello my friends,

    MOTOSTRAIL.COM will celebrate this year its 10th anniversary, so they a great meeting will be held in Cardona (Catalonia/Spain).

    A campsite will be available, as well as a nearby enduro/trail racetrack.

    This will be the plan for 3 days:

    24/Friday: From 18:00 arrival at the camping, welcome, greetings and time to know each other.

    25/Saturday: 09:00h off road (green laning) tour for 100km suited to everyone with only some technical spots (no fear, perfectly affordable). There will be a leader in each group of riders.

    14:00h Arrival of the groups to the campsite. Lunch time.

    16:00h Asphalt tour starts for those riders looking for twisty roads (about 120km)
    For those preferring enduro, there will be a 2 or 3 hours excursion instead. There will be hard parts, but it won’t be extreme; we want everyone home sound and safe after the weekend ;-)

    19:00h arrival of both asphalt and enduro riders.

    After that, beers, dinner, dancing etc. etc. ;-)

    26/Sunday: farewells and each one home (depending on distance), but we expect many to join us to ride the Cardona enduro circuit that day (at an extra cost).

    It’s self-catering.
    The meals on Saturday we will take place in the campsite. About 5 km there is a big village where there are shops to buy food. There are bars and a restaurant in the village.

    The facility has a small bar (only drinks) and grill in case anyone wants to bring meat for a bbq.
    Saturday night we may have a fairly complete diner menu for 12 € or good grilled meats. Up to each one, but prior notice to the owner of the campsite is required.


    € 25 all weekend person (Friday to Sunday)
    € 18 only Saturday to Sunday
    € 15 Saturday routes only

    Passing travellers are very welcome to join since diversity is really appreciated.

    The following rules will apply to bookings:
    Places are limited to 50 and the deadline to pay the booking fee 15th May.
    Those having booked will be informed in detail about the exact place and conditions.

    for more info please email to:

    or visit this page:

    or just ask here on ADV.THX

    Here is the same message just not as technically registered by a friend at HUBB.

    link: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/europe/going-spain-late-spring-don-68592