10W40 in RC8

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    Jul 23, 2007
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    My 2006 manual says, under technical specifications: Engine- SAE 5w/40, 10W/50 (Motul Power Synt 4T)

    2 pages later, in "Consumer information for USA only, Appendix 2, it shows a detail of the frame sticker, with
    Engine Lubricant Specifications- Engine Oil type- SAE 15w/40.

    So, I'm not too worried about the range from 15w/40 to 5w/50; apparently there are 3 oil types specified for this bike.
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    Quality filters and all should be well. I've been running 10-w-40 in water cooled 4 stroke engines (Track Bikes) with 20-w-50 in 4 stroke air cooled hogs for decades and all has been well.

    I do have to admit I have yearly oil analysis done by Blackstone labs on all my vehicles to keep an eye on wear. http://www.blackstone-labs.com

    (Side Note) By doing this I was able to run 14,000 mile extended drains with my 04 Nissan Titan and after 160,000 miles she's still a bat out of hell!