1150 Fuel smell and throttle sticks when running

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by ktm360mx, Feb 17, 2017.

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    I have a problem that is stumping me on the 1150. It's an 02 with 130k on it. It seems like the problems should be 2 independent issues, but they also seem like they could be tied together.

    Two Problems:
    -The bike has a faint fuel smell when it's running, but not when it's parked (for a day or more). The smell comes after starting the bike and when stopped at light (or whatever) , I get a whiff of the smell of fuel.

    - The throttle and in twisting of the throttle is normal when the bike is off, and when it first starts. Once I get up to speed - about 70 or so- the throttle feels like the throttle lock is on. Very stiff. It stays this way, even when I stop with the bike running. If I turn the bike off for 10 minutes or so, the throttle is normal while the bike is off and is normal until I get up to operating speed again.

    Here's what I have tried-
    Throttle- lubed the cables and tube and looked for binding cables and such. No results.

    Like I said- I would think the two issues would be separate, but if I had a vacuum issue, that would force the fuel smell and if we had vacuum carbs the vent would be clogged causing them not to run properly.

    Has anyone run into this before?
  2. Loutre

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    Nov 28, 2010
    lubing the cables isn't a good idea, attracts dust etc.

    have you ever changed the throttle cables? at 130k might be time. when mine hit 100k kms they were stiff and had a hard time rolling back.

    for the fuel: have you quick disconnects on your fuel line? one of the o rings might be leaking. also, one of the fuel lines might have gone bad, might be a good idea to get the tank off and inspect.
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    I'm with Loutre on the fuel smell. There was a recall years ago where the issue was to replace the hose clamps on the fuel lines. This affected my 2003 K 1200 GT which suddenly started smelling of fuel and within 2 days developed a fuel leak. The leak was caused by the OEM plastic fuel line quick disconnect cracking and literally falling apart.
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    X2 on the previous postings. If your GS has the silver colored trans casing you can have a look to see if there's any yellow staining on the right side. Some of the fuel leak from those 1st crimp clamps can drip there. The fuel line can shrink over time and the crimp clamp stays at the same tension which results in the fuel weeping out when under pressure (fuel pump working).

    As Loutre mentioned, at 130K if you're still on the first cables the bike is over due for new ones. The change is remarkable when you have new ones, like a new bike. It is a little finicky working with the Bowden box as it's in a tough spot to work with. It's likely the box, once cleaned, will be able to be reinstalled.
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    Check the throttle tube where it rotates on the handlebar...pull off the bar end to see if it is gummed up in there. I had to clean mine up and it worked much better.
  6. Beecher Snipes

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    When you pull the tank or change throttle cables, be sure the cable end fits all the way down into the throttle body adjustment ferrule. The cables are teflon lined, lube is not the trick.
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    I had to remove the tank recently, to change my battery. After that I noticed a strong gasoline smell during my rides. Inspected the quick disconnect connectors (mine are original) fearing cracks but it turned out to be the oring. Cheap fix. Still feeling bad for riding many times @ 38C with gasoline basically squirting from the connection!

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  8. GS Addict

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    BMW control cables are teflon lined and are never to be lubed.
    Any lube will make them bind worse in short order.

    You will probably need a new throttle cable. They get tight on higher mileage machines.

    You will need:

    32 73 7 692 561 ACCELERATOR CABLE - L=965MM 0.24 1 $75.02

    If your bike was manufactured BEFORE 12/2004, you MUST buy 32727691990 in conjunction with this cable. The PN of the cable usually appears on it in white lettering. If the cable is NOT a 561, then you need the 561 AND the 990 kit.

    32 72 7 691 990 SET: REP.KIT ACCELERATOR CABLE DEFLECTION - D=45MM 0.04 1 $39.93

    Check the MAX fiche for further details and pictures 32_0965 - BOWDEN CABLE/CABLE DISTRIBUTOR

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    Nov 19, 2013
    In addition to the post by Wheezer on the twist grip I found that on my rig the rubber grip will get pushed against the switch housing and cause the throttle to bind and not roll back to idle. I tirmmed the outboard end of the grip to be able to pull it away from the switch housing and now it does not do that any more.