1190 Adv - Best product for these mods?

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    I'm looking for a few mods and have found a ton of help here. Questions that I have not been able to find an answer for are:

    1. What are the best exhaust options to eliminate the cat? I see a lot of comments about the muffler/can options, but not much on the replacement of the header (between the cylinders and the can).

    2. After removing the cat with a more free flowing exhaust, and a uni air filter, can anyone provide some insight on maps for a Power Commander V? Anyone using a 2 channel Autotune and have some suggestions from their experiences with it (I've only used 1 single channel previously).

    3. Is there anything out there to clean up that tail light section hanging down? Most bikes have option for a fender eliminator / tidy tail.

    4. Has anyone tried that fork mounted led light that is available from a couple of manufacturers? Like the BDCW Fork Light Package? Pros and cons???

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    You need to take the rear plastic apart before thinking about replacing what's back there.

    Here's what I did for LED AUX lights.