1975 Harley FLH to Ural Install

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by warkshop, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Enough of the internet dick swinging. What about the build thread? :lurk
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    Hey!, that's all there is. If the Uralogists wouldn't pester me about my lack of sensitivity i could stay on topic easier, i've been a painter for 40 years, i'm easily distracted!:rofl :D
    See one of the early posts where it mentions i don't have 'done with body' images. I am digging these out of my archives and the images weren't taken with social mediation in mind, they were for my customer and also my records.
    I know the aesthetics are soooo important to many,,,i'll try and get more of them in future. The last images with the hack and bike mated on the lowers is all i've got. I did use one of my custom, curved adjustable struts for the front to give foot room with the HD forward control setup. The rear strut was a simple medium length standard USA built strut.
    The outfit was good and 'tight' and handled well, easy to drive.
    I'd guess the Ural tub, painted to match looked quite fitting and natural beside the old HD. I firmly believe in stout rigging and good aligment as the number 1 priority,,,,then the show and tell stuff,,,paint to match, all that.:D

    I can't tell you how many people call me who have bought a hack,,,immediately taken the tub to the painter,,,then started wondering about rigging,,,never even thinking whether the hack and bike are a good match and or can even be successfully mated. Priorities!:eek1