1983 XL600R Project

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    Apr 6, 2013
    Hey all,

    I recently decided to try and get my XL600R up and running again. There are a few minor mechanical problems but I am starting with an electrical issue. As a history flash this back was running perfectly untill it got parked for a few years (by me). Top end was rebuilt and everything was running smoothly.

    One important side note is that somehow a 6V battery got into the bike, I have honestly no idea how/when this happened and how much the bike had been ridden with it. What would be the impact of this? Assume it would put strain on the stator?

    So right now my main problems is no spark - sigh. Here is what I tried so far: replaced the CDI and Inginition coil and tested:

    1 I checked the spark plug and cap for open circuit, also
    2 I checked continuity of all wires
    3 I Checked voltage of stator ( about 7 volts dc at crank speed)
    4 I checked continuity within connector block to CDI
    5 I Checked output of pulse generator which is generating low
    volts ac precisely as expected
    6 I Hooked up battery to main supply wires ( no indication on
    dash and no current draw which is odd but this shouldn't
    matter to ignition circuit! Many stators need battery volts to
    become 'alive' but this one evidently works without whihc is
    typical of earlier enduro's. Incidentally the battery fitted is
    incorrect as it is a six volt one- it should be 12 volts- very
    surprised it didn't blow but something weird has happened to
    the wiring- no time to look into.
    7 I hooked up 12 volt battery direct to cdi ( in place of stator
    volts and ground) still no go.
    8 I drained oil and removed engine/crankcase cover and
    ancilliaries and swapped pulse generator.
    9 I tried to trigger both pulse generators with a magnet on the
    drill chuck which I used to spin motor. Lots of output from
    pulse generator but still no spark- extremely baffling.
    10 I reversed coil wires just as a last ditch effort.

    Tried a few other things but this just isn't sparking. I was reading another thread on this forum and a few comments about the need for a battery or not to start the bike, a few mixed messages. So far I have been doing all of this really without a charged battery connected.

    I was reading this thread which at the start shows a similar problem

    So one of the things is the stator, when I measure the output using a drill to turn the engine over I get around 7V but this is with a drill at fairly low RPM's say 80 or so. What should this be at low RPM's? Also would a visual check on the stator help? Just swap it with a Ricky regardless?

    Any help or advice on what to try next? My suggestion was to:
    - put in a fully charged battery and turn the bike with a drill
    - visual check on the stator and if at all looks suspicious just replace it with a Ricky?

    Thanks all,

    p.s. I am pretty newbie with the mechanics but do have the manual and few local friends that help out.
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    Feb 16, 2012
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    Sometimes you just gotta go back to the basics, plug and plug cap.

    I worked on my brother's Yammy XJ650, jet kit and other mods, replaced the fuse box with a better blade style fuse block. Ran before I started but when done it would crank, crank, crank then BOOM out the exhaust. I spent hours on it tracing wires, cleaned up connections, checked everything over and over. Crank, crank, crank, BOOM but no running.

    Screw it! New plugs. One crank and it fired and idled steady right away. Been that way for the past six years. But I also regularly replace the OEM spark plug cap with a new one from NGK. Could be the plug cap has high enough resistance to kill the spark.

    Do you get any spark at all? Power input confirmed at the CDI? Power confrimed going into the coil? Ground good at the coil? Stator at idle should produce about 30v non-regulated output. Stator output goes up with rpm of course. But at about 1200 rpm it should easily be 30v or more. Before buying a stator, Ricky's should be able to give you data on what the stator should produce. I have had good feedback working directly with Ricky on a CDI project for my GN400 ice racer.