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1984 GSX11 info please.

Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by MODNROD, Mar 22, 2013.


    MODNROD Decisions, decisions

    Feb 20, 2009
    Midwest, West Oz
    Gday all.

    I have another UJM! :clap Bloody lovely things they are too.
    Well, sort of.
    I'm hoping this one will do everything my other one (1987 Vmax) doesn't, like happily scoot on loose gravel at 100kph, get over 200km on a tank, and run flat 11s all day should the urge get me (and it will.......a lot) WITHOUT BREAKING!!!
    Yep, of course it's an old Suzuki. The plan is for a do-it-all bare-bones streeter.

    This one is a real bitsa. I have an 11EFE badly-bobbed rolling frame (straight other than that), a GSX11 motor that needs a rebuild, 2 x GSXR750 oiler motors that run like a clock, a Bandit 1200 bottom end, and about 5 boxes of stuff. That's cool, it will come together OK and do the job well I rekn. Probably stuff the '89 "screamer" small-stroke 750 in it, complete with 4into4s to keep me awake, to help it down to the shops and back again (always did like 750s! :clap) to start with, then probably go for the GSXR7 top-end on the Bandit bottom to wake things up a bit...........
    But I have a few quick questions please, for the Old Skuzi experts?

    1. The front forks are of the 1984 EFE "antidive" sort. Apparently this means they're crap (well, I mean even for '80s UJMs). The plan is to block off the brake fluid inlet thingy, then run Ricor Valves in them with new springs.
    Is that the usual Skuzi-trained fix for them? Is there a set of something later that slides in yokes and all that isn't fancy USD Gixxer stuff that looks wrong?

    2. Some obviously well-intentioned "tuner" has lopped off the rear frame loop (12" behind the main centre rail) and tried to fit a "bobber" guard.
    I actually like bobbers. I also like "brat" bikes. I'm a big fan of the "basic" bikes. Cafe's I'm completely sick-to-death of (it was bound to happen after 30 years of riding them I spose). So I'm not averse to a good cut, but I would rather have the frame not twist under me while riding more than is usual.
    Could anyone please tell me where the usual small bits of tubing for bracing go on a Skuzi EFE frame? Are they needed at all? Would a simple loop joining the hacked-off tube each side suffice on these things for restoring some integrity?

    3. I have a tank off a 1981 GS750. It doesn't fit. Who'da thunk it? :huh
    I can carefully smash the under-insides in with a calibrated BFH of course to clear the twin tubes, but it possibly may not have quite the same integrity after a few rounds with a hammer and then a brazing rod to try to stop the seams leaking. Do you guys know off a tank/sidecover deal that will bolt on, besides the EFE set-up?
    Eg, any 1984-88 GSX 11 or 850 or 750 coz the frame is the same? Any 1981-84 early GSX11? That sort of thing, for when I cruise the wreckers then I will know what fits (handy since the bike will be 4 hrs away).

    Thanks in advance everyone. Much appreciated.
  2. MacMcMacmac

    MacMcMacmac Guardian Angel Trainer

    Dec 7, 2012
    1981-1983 GS(X)1100 motor bolts right in. GSXR motor will fit but looks kind of odd since it is quite a bit more compact, and will require new motor mounts to install. 86 GSXR 1100 forks will be a nice upgrade without the USD issue. Gets you radial tires too. You will need an offset sprocket to use the radials out back. You will have to fab a brake caliper stay. Go with a modern 530-520 chain to clear the frame behind the sprocket. Sprocket offset will need to be 5/8" or thereabouts. Stock swingarm will accept up to a 180 rear tire with the sprocket and spacer mods.

    Short stroke GSXR750 (and 750 Katana/Teapot/GSX up to 1995) cylinder heads with the dime sized casting dot on the side (aka Dot Head) will give a useful compression bump on a GSX1100 motor and an easy 15-20hp jump when bolted to the big GSX lump. Minor mods required to make it work.

    GS(X) motor is WAYYYY stronger than the GSXR motor if performance increases are in the cards. GS(X) motor has a longer stroke, ergo, much easier to build big displacement screamer motor. 1327cc motor, GSXR dot head, some Keihn FCR or Mikuni RS 38/40 will see you about 185hp, which will require a welded crank (already done on the 1150 motor, and late 82's and 83 engines) and either a straight cut primary gear and clutch hub to prevent side loading the clutch and causing much grief when it all goes for a dump. Oil cooler absolute must on big inch motors, esp someplace hot like Australia. 1428cc motors will be at or near 200hp, but will require a purpose built big block and a lot more beefing up of the total engine, figure about $8000 USD to do it right. I have seen some dragster motors based on the GS1100 out to 1700cc and beyond.

    A far more practical motor would be a max bored 1135cc block which nets you 1260cc and about 160hp. This requires only a cylinder bore, no case boring or resleeving. personally, I'd go one smaller for the street and do a 1229cc, 77mm bore, which leaves some room for reboring should the need arise. I have heard anecdotal stories of FJ1200 pistons being used for this set up, but off the shelf items would be a lot less hassle and require a lot less machine work I'm thinking.

    All this and more has been discussed to death at www.thegsresources.com and www.oldskoolsuzuki.info

    You will be hard pressed to find any bike communities on the net with a greater wealth of info. Some of the bikes on those sites are absolutely stunning.

    And with all due respect to BMW, THERE IS ONLY ONE GS1150.


    MODNROD Decisions, decisions

    Feb 20, 2009
    Midwest, West Oz
    ONYA MACCA!!!!! :clap:clap:clap
    Thanks very much mate. I know about GS site and Oldskool, but there si so much stuff there it was difficult to find what I needed to know.
    This bike will be a fun streeter, hence the 4 pipes (sounds good!) and the GSXR750 motor (It's there, and runs like new).
    I know the older Zooks are tougher, I've spent over 20 years trying to catch the damn things at the drags. :lol3

    At the most for this bike, it will only ever run flat-10s, any quicker and I need a heap of stuff I don't really need. It's only bracket racing, so 11.95 is as good as 10.05 anyway. As it is I rekn the problem I may have with just the "screamer" 750 motor with a simple lock-up and a sticky 180 is keeping it UNDER 10.50 (another "equipment" outlay cut-off), it will probably tip the scales at under 250kg with rider on the line.

    Should be bloody HUGE fun though.
    I can't remember the last time a squid called me at the lights coming home from the track on an old bike, and so I sat there on the 2-step next to him waiting........
  4. gunnabuild1

    gunnabuild1 Long timer

    Sep 13, 2008
    Ipswich Queensland
    I had one of those new,black and red one.cant help you much with the stuff your after but I do remember it had a nasty habit of headshake at around 60k nothing dramatic but it was a little disconcerting,I never got used to it.
    It wasn't just mine a mate had one as well and his did it too.
    Slammed it into the back of a ute with 5000k on it and rode it round for a while as a "naked",long before that meant anything I believe the correct term was a "Smashed and Cheap"

    MODNROD Decisions, decisions

    Feb 20, 2009
    Midwest, West Oz
    I intend adding 4* rake and 4" on the arm, that should stop the shimmies. I'm sick of short-wheelbase nasty-shaking evil rides that are "interesting and a challenge", too old I guess! :lol3 For a good example, like the one in my sig line. Now for me it's all about riding around with mates and not thinking to hard on a weekend away, and not having to fix the damn thing after every meet.
    Hence the Zook.

    Another thing I need is a lock-up, just for the consistency on a small tyre, and to provde a big of slip for the drivetrain out of the hole, but can't find a listing for the GSXR750J/K motor I'm going to use to start with. I know it's not the usual ADV question really, but does anyone know if the complete clutch setup, outer basket/inner basket/clutch rod, etc, will bolt up from a GSXR1100 or a GS1150? If it helps with being ADV legal, I intend to ride the thing to work occasionally, and that involves 10km of gravel if it makes you feel any better!

    "Smashed and Cheap"
    That's just about the best name for an old dragbike I've ever heard! :clap