1988 r80rt 140k

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    a local guy is selling 1988 r80rt ex police.the clocks are showing 140k miles. i have not seen the bike but he assures me that all is well.he has owned it for 15 years and talks about it as if it was an old family friend.he has put the last 40k on the bike and in this time the only engine work carried out has been a clutch and routine servicing.
    SO should i be concerned about the mileage?
    what should i look for when inspecting the bike?
    what questions should i ask?
    i would be very grateful for any help or advise as this would be my first bmw.thanks ian.
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    It depends on the maintenance the bike has had. Certain things would have been replaced and/or rebuilt by now. Does he offer any receipts or records about repairs? Has the trans been rebuilt, by who? Was the output shaft circlip fixed? When were the valve guides last done? And other head work? How many miles on pistons and rings?

    I guess this is a Nikelsil cylinder bike? I think they last a long time but I don't think those rings would last 140K? If they are the original rings they should be beyond expectations.

    I think high mileage is OK if some of the work has been done otherwise you will be doing it all soon.

    He says the clutch was done? Ask how many parts were replaced. There is the clutch disk, the spring (called a diaphragm spring) and two plates (one the cover and the other just the plate). A complete clutch job includes these and at this mileage I would think the engine rear main seal and oil pump O-ring.

    Maybe somebody else who is more knowledgeable about the 80's bikes can give some better advice. My Airhead is much older than this. But 140K, while not completely worn out, would indicate some more maintenance than you mention.

    How much?