1992 R100GSPD - Exhaust Gaskets?

Discussion in 'Airheads' started by Grayghost66, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone,

    My transmission has been pulled and sent out to get the circlip installed (and a taller 5th gear). While I have the downtime I am assembling the parts to "refresh " everything while I'm at it. (BING rebuild, fresh rubber bits here and there, and fresh rubber bellows on the shaft etc.)

    When I pulled the headers,collector, and single silencer I noticed that as I carefully twisted them off a bunch of dried up gunk feel out where the various exhaust components were fitted togather. (Again I am the original owner and the exhaust has never been removed)

    I couldn't determine if the pieces were the remnants of exhaust cement or the remnants of a soft gasket. I looked up on the Max Fiche (thanks Adam) and saw there were part numbers for the description of "gasket" between the different connections. I ordered them. What arrived were Stainless Steel tubes with a slit along one side looking something like a napkin ring???? Okaaaayyyy????

    Soooo....whats the story here? How are these installed? Do I use a semi hardening hi temp exhaust putty/cement between the connections to make them exhaust tight before securing the Stainless Steel clamps?

    Many Thanks for any and all replies. :ear
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    I have replaced them on my GSPD. I think the only hard part is removing the remnants of the ones that USED to be there. Once you've got that cleared up, the new 'gaskets' get inserted into the female mating parts:huh. If they seem too large in diameter, the clamp was likely overtightened and had reduced the diameter of the tube. A cheap Harbor Freight pipe expander can be used to re-size it. Once you get the new gaskets in, just assemble the exhaust system. Don't tighten anything until everything is assembled and aligned.
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    I thought they were aluminum, but yes, napkin ring thing-ies. To assemble, use some anti-seize or grease to lube it all up. I've replaced them a few times on my bike - don't know why they disintegrate (maybe I didn't tighten the clamps enough?).
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    Its a kind of impregnated layered paper. I've used brass shim stock for years instead of the stocks stuff. Totally reusable and seals fine.