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    Udder half and her friend talked me into going scooter shopping with them today. It was a rather fun day. We all know that most men do some research, figure out what they want, thn go buy it... while most women like to shop. So this was wimmin's style shopping for scooters.

    Shop number 1 carried Vento (a KTM - Suzuki dealer). They let the girls ride one - neither had ever ridden before. Udder half got on and took off like she had been dooing it forever - she does ride quads... jut not bikes. Her friend was another story. The sales rep was some 6'-3" and maybe 280 lbs - this comes into play later. So she gets on and manages to kill it twice - it's a twist and go for craps sake... how do you kill it on take off? Actually we had to do a little 'splainin 'bout the rear brake stopping the tire from spinning while the gas being rev'd - bad thing... Then she takes off heading right for a nice little Lexus IS300. The sales rep lunges and manages to grab the rack - and through shear size and weight hold the bike to the point the motor kills again. He was sweating up a storm - we were all laughing so hard - including both her and him. I thought he would say that maybe she shouold not ride it - but he gave her a little more direction and sent her off again... he too couldn't stop laughing. He noted it was the best morning he had had in a long time!

    Shop 2 carried Vento and Diamo. Near identical bikes - the shop manager says he's convinced they are made in the same factory on different days - many interchangeable parts - and I mean many!

    Shop 3 was Honda - only had the 50cc metropolitans - and the girls thought they needed 150s.

    Shop 4 carried Bajaj, vespa, and PGO. After all the bikes I had ridden this morning I must say that the PGO seemed better built, tigher, nicer plastics, upgraded buttons and knobs etc... all around the nisest scooters of the day... problem was the shop folks were not up to the task. Turned off the girls from coming back. The saleman, I believe owner, took the opportunity to rock a scoot off the center stand... in the process knocking down 2 other scoots onto the pavement - bent levers and scratched plastics. Said he would knock a whole $100 dollars off for the damaged ones. Then tried to sell me the demo - with 690 miles on it for a $250 discount. Told him he would have to do better than that. His wife - who seemed to run the shop - said they didn't need to discount it at all as they planned to ride it all summer... nice to see they aren't in it for the customer.

    Shop 5 was a Yamaha- Kawasaki dealer who also carried Vento. Prices for the vento were $250 less than the 1st and 2nd shops. Girls still liked the looks of the retro styled bikes better. The salesman quoted us a price for the Yamaha Vino 125s - but didn't seem interested enough in dealing with us - nice guy... but no real effort to sell us the scoots - just a nonchalant here they are attitude.

    The girls really liked the Vinos so we headed to another Yamaha dealer - Shop 6. We got a great salesman who worked out the best deal for us - matching shop 5's quote... which was $200 less than list. Then they added the freight and set up charges, tax, licensing, and document prep fees and it was way high. I told him it wasn't going to work. He said that everyone had to charge those items - so I got ont eh phone and asked shop 5 about the extra charges - just tax and license he said. So I asked for a total deal quote and got a good number - I asked if I come down and write you a check it will be this amount? Yes that's all. So Shop 6 sales guy - mind you a great guy who was really helpful and whom I would rather buy from - tried his best to match it. End result we paid a few bucks more (tax is slightly higher in this county) and they threw in cost for accessories and discounts on merchandise for the duration of the warranty - 12 months. They price had become less important by this time as the shop, sales rep, and location were all superior.

    6 shops 6 hours and 2 scoots later we had ourselves a fun day.

    I still like the PGO scoots the best I think - very solid, nice features, etc.. But to have to deal with the shop as the only source for the duration of ownership was a no-go. The Yamahas are good scoots, plenty of support, and a dealer 2 miles from the house.

    Tomorrow they learn to ride.................:huh
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    Great! Sounds like a fun day. When they are ready for big bikes thay can get Harleys.
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    Post photos of the scoots!!