2 Texans Ride the TAT... heading to San Francisco, CA

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    I got it from TWT also!! Just finished and now looking forward to the Alaskan trip!! Great RR!! Loved the "awwwww" moment with the deer!
  2. DockingPilot

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    Fantastic trip you guys ! You make a great couple! Enjoyed the RR :clap
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    Thanks for an incredibly enjoyable ride report.

    And an ISDE Gold Medal to Nikki! Awesome, just awesome. Way to go girl!
  4. Vic5491

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    I really enjoyed reading your RR and can just feel how great it was for the two of you to make this run together!

    I gather that the WR performed better than did the KLX especially at altitude, which is to be expected. The question in my mind is "Just how superior is the WR on a trip like this?"

    In preparing for this trip did you put a pipe on the KLX and rejet it and open up the airbox or was it running bone stock? I might have been tempted to rejet somewhere along the way when you got above 4 or 5,000 feet and you knew you were going to be up there for awhile. Did you ever consider doing that?

    I hope this note gets to you. I am curious to hear your thoughts on the two bikes as I am currently trying to decide which of the two I want to buy.


  5. jglow

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    hey Vic!

    I think the true answer to your question is: either bike will do the job, but your final choice will depend on budget, mechanical know-how, availability ( if looking to buy used), and probably a few other factors. Now, my opinion is the Wr250r is hands down the winner if the two. The fuel injection alone was enough for me to sell my klx I had before the trip and switch to the WR (which I'm currently still riding).

    For our trip we left both bikes bone stock. No airbox mods, no jetting mods on the KLX, and no exhaust mods. It was especially tough for the klx above 10,000 feet, but I'm afraid of messing with carburetors, so we left it alone. The WR certainly loses performance at high altitude, but still runs really well.

    Other quick points to consider... The WR is taller by a couple of inches. The klx250s can typically be had for less than the wr250r (sometime for $1,000 less used). Both bikes are extremely reliable.

    Hope this helps some... Feel free to pm me if you have more questions.

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    Great ride report! Just stumbled across this one. It was a pleasure to read. I really want to do the TAT someday. Thanks for the killer pictures you both did an amazing job.
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    Stumbled across the link to this r/r on the Long term KLX250S thread. I have read other r/r's on the TAT, but this is the best one by far. Your descriptions and pictures clearly show the level of difficulty of some of the various sections. My hat's off to you and especially, Nikki for a job well done. :clap :clap
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    Loved the RR. Looks like an amazing trip. Planning to run the full trail summer 2018. Quick question: What kind of camera did you guys bring with? I figured at first it was a goPro but the pics look pretty high quality and they don't have that distorted look to them. I've got a hero 3 and a canon powershot but I think if I'm going to be documenting my progress on the TAT, I may need to upgrade to a better camera.

    Also, any gear recommendations? Things you wish you'd had on the TAT? Things you brought with but didn't need?