2 weeks in Europe. Based in Frankfurt. Trip suggestions needed!!

Discussion in 'EMEA' started by kurtphyre, May 29, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    I live close to Frankfurt, Germany and want to go on a 2 week long motorrad trip. It'll be sometime in late July - late August. My girlfriend and I will be going together on the same bike, a Triumph Tiger 800 XC. I have large Touratech cases and we'll want to camp most of the nights.

    Last year we took 8 days and explored all over the Alps in northern Italy and Switzerland. We LOVED this trip, learnt a lot, and know now how to better prepare for this 2-week long trip. But we don't know where we want to go yet! We would both prefer days without too long of drives (5 hrs max or so) and somewhere warm...preferable with water. I'm looking for suggestions from you guys :bow

    Here are some of the ideas I've had but am looking for any suggestions you may have:

    - Probably my favorite idea because it rules out 2 longer, boring drive days. Take a vehicle train from Dusseldorf to Narbonne, France...then spend some leisurely time exploring the the French Riviera heading east towards Monaco, then heading north up through the French Alps and back into Germany. Problem with this plan is it costs 566 Euro for the train trip alone!! This is way too much for my blood so this is ruled out.
    - Head north up to Denmark. Take a ferry to Norway. And ride around Norway's countryside and along the fjords. Problems here are I don't know if 2 weeks is long enough (because it's a long distance) & Norway is CRAZY expensive.
    - Drive down to the south of France and likely hit the French Alps either coming or going.
    - Drive to northern Italy and make home "bases" to venture out into the Dolomites and even into Slovenia. Come back home through the Austrian Alps.
    - Rush to Croatia and chill along the coast. Come back through the Dolomites.

    As you can see, I'm have no clue where to go! I do know anywhere we end up going will be amazing though! Surely many of you have done trips in Europe and can recommend something.

    Thanks guys!
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    Well...if YOU don't know what you want, how can anyone else? :huh

    Sitting in the most central spot in Europe with the most awesome places and roads in EVERY direction of the compass you care to point your nose at... and all the goodies at your disposal...and you don't know where you want to go? :eek1:eek1

    Oh...if you think your 8 days "all over the Alps" last year was the duck's guts....buy a proper map (or rather stack of maps), if you're half-fluid in German, buy a Denzel.... and get off the Autobahns and Expressways!

    After more than 2 solid years of traveling in and around the Alps from the Vercors to Slovenia and an easy 100.000k's of local back-roads there I've seen pretty much just enough to call it ...scratching the surface.:huh

    Just hop on............. and RIDE!!
    Get off....and LOOK!!
    Happy travels :clap
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    Hi kurtphyre,

    I would definitely choose the last one, but vice versa maybe :D.

    I would ride in the Alps, enjoy the views and twisties, and then via autobahn to Croatia.
    There is of course the coastal ride, which I would definitely try to avoid during the summer months, and would do some island hopping. Pair that with camping and seeing the sunrise/sunset on the Adriatic, amazing for sure :clap .

    Don't avoid to ride over Velebit and Dinara mountains if You're into light offroad. I can set you with some amazing roads to ride, coupled with nice and cheap places to stay and food and wine to finish the day with style :wink: . Maybe if there is more time You can check Bosnia and Monte Negro as well, a lot to see and ride. Nature in Bosnia and Monte Negro is amazing.

    If you'll be passing through Zagreb, please see the sig. We're specialized for motorcycle and bicycle travelers.

    Send me a PM if I can help in any way,

    ride on
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    if you´ve never been there, don´t miss out on croatia! been there last fall for the first time and did some trial riding. i liked it so much that i went back this year with a road bike. so many nice roads on the coast and inland. you can do some island hopping or cross over to italy by ferry maybe? you won´t regret it.
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    Ducks guts :huh

    But yeah - I can use up 8 days in the Dolomites and Slovenia alone.

    With a relatively short time, focus on one area. your idea of taking a train to bypass the boring bits is absolutely logical, saving your tires and energy for the fun parts.

    And yeah - The Denzel. I've got one, and I don't speak German. Also look up John Hermann's "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps and beyond" - now in its 5th edition.