20 hour layover in Houston on December 31st... Any takers?

Discussion in 'Tejas and the Gulf States' started by Belgian Waffles, Oct 30, 2013.

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    I will be returning from a thesis research trip to Central America on the 31st of December and have a layover from 7:30 PM on 12/31/2013 until 3 PM on 1/1/2014. Is anyone willing to let me use their couch for that night? I'm not looking to go out for New Years really, but rather to have a place to sleep and to work on my thesis while all my research is still fresh in my head. Maybe I'll see some fireworks if I'm up that late, but it's not a priority. I'd be happy to provide some beer for your New Year's festivities though, but don't want to make you uncomfortable if I'm on your couch while you're out... Not sure how to convince you that I won't steal anything, but you can talk to the guys on the Africa Twin and Transalp threads if you want (that's my usual ADV hangout). I'm a uni student working on a thesis and just took the long layover flight to save some money...

    I might be with my current roommate/research partner if she gets on the same flight as me. She's from Texas, but the Fortworth area. (I'm a noob to Texas.)

    PM me if you're open to this. We can email/phone/facebook from there. :ear

    Thanks guys!