2002 KTM 125sx, possible engine seizure

Discussion in '2 smokers' started by Sp4rks, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Alright guys, here's the deal. Took my bike out for a little blast around the neighborhood because it's fun to do and I was having a rough day(yeah, this didn't help) at school(yep, still in High School, just a few more month). Kicked it over on the third try, little bit of blue smoke, slightly more than usual, but nothing to bad. Let it warm up a bit, little bit over a minute. Went slowly down the road, wasn't even reving out first, didn't even get 20 yards out then the engine just sort of stopped. Like straight up, nothing.

    Now, here's the weird part(or maybe not, I've never heard of this happening with an engine seizing, so it's weird to me), I dropped it into neutral to roll it back(again, only 20 yards). Figured I'd forgotten to turn the gas on or something. After I got it home, I took it into first, I pulled in the clutch, and tried to roll it(going to try and pop the clutch for some reason), clutch wouldn't engage. Like it wasn't even pulled in. So, would an engine seizure do that? I think it would, but I'm entirely sure. If it's in neutral, regardless of seizure it'll roll because the transmission is separated from the engine. If the clutch in engaged, the transmission is still with the engine, hence why you can pop the clutch to get a bike to start if it's already rolling.

    Backround: The bike has an unknown amount of hours on it(never put a hour meter on it, figured I'd put one on after my first rebuild). It was bought about 2 years ago(previous own was military, didn't ride much), and ridden mildly sense then for trail use only. 5 hour rides on an appx. once a month basis(p. Air Filter clean after every ride, oil change every two rides. High grade pump fuel(I'm really hoping this is just ethanol building up and finally taking it's toll, cheaper than an engine rebuild) mixed with high quality premix at 40:1.
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    Pull the clutch cover off and see if anything broke and jammed the primary gear.
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    pull the clutch cover. from there you can see what turns and what doesn't. pull the spark plug so there's no resistance turning things...you'll know real quick what happened.
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    Pull the flywheel cover too, with the plug out you should be able to turn the engine forward or backward using the flywheel. This might help when you watch the gearing on the other side. If something is broken instead of jammed, often you can turn the engine one way or the other until the broken piece wedges.

    If it's still stuck solid, maybe there's been a "piston event". Remove the pipe and look in the exhaust port.