2010 990 smr

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    Any quibbles with these ?

    Did the FI get "better enough" or will a bit of experimenting with TuneECU and diligence be enough than a newer model ? (My 950 ADV has the Head2Wind jet kit, Unifilter and it ran MUCH better with those changes.) So I'm willing to do the work to make it run right, if it's doable.

    After my Siberian run this summer the ADV is going away but I can't give up the LC8. :)

    All future rides call for something lighter, less road worthy, ie FE 570.
  2. Velociraptor

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    I have a 2010 990 SMR. The fueling is OK stock but can get a lot better with Tune ECU and an aftermarket airbox and exhaust. I have Akra exhaust, MK3 Stage 3 air box, Power Commander, and Autotune. I love the autotune because you can plug in a desired air/fuel ration and it will adjust the mapping on the fly. Suspension is a little stiff up front and a little soft in the back.Overall the bike is great. The downside is mine is in the shop for an immobilizer error that will not allow the bike to start. I guess that could be an issue with any KTM road bike.

    THE place for the 990 SMT and SMR is here:


    There is access to lots of nice maps and a ton of wisdom on that site.
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    I had one, best bike I have ever owned.:clap

    Fueling can be easily dealt with and a G400 throttle cam would help, I opened the side triangle up and removed the snorkel so retained the factory box and now there are plenty of hi flow foam filters that will let her breath easier.

    With the forks, agree with Velociraptor, in the top there are two nylon spacers totaling 13 mm, I took these out as they set the spring compression quite heavily with the preload right out. I found it very nicely balanced out the bike so a cheap fix.

    Due to our lumpy roads I left the rear shock as is, I did run lower settings on the low speed compression damping and the high sped damping virtually all out.

    They are one horny looking bike too, you will love it.