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    thanks to Jake Miller g2 sports

    2010 Results

    Day 2 - Daily Positions / Scores

    1: Michael Brown - Sherco - 0
    2: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 0
    3: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 0
    4: Dougie Lampkin - Beta - 0
    5: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 1
    6: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 2
    7: Ross Danby - Gas Gas - 3
    8: Jack Challoner - Beta - 3
    9: Sam Haslam - Gas Gas - 3
    10: Joe Baker - Scorpa - 3
    11: Darren Brice - Scorpa - 5
    12: James Lampkin - Beta - 5
    13: Albert Cabestany - Sherco - 5
    14: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 7
    15: Dan Hemingway - Beta - 7

    Overall Positions / Scores

    1: Michael Brown - Sherco - 3
    2: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 6
    3: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 7
    4: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 7
    5: Albert Cabestany - Sherco - 8
    6: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 10
    7: James Lampkin - Beta - 12
    8: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 12
    9: Jack Challoner - Beta - 15
    10: Ross Danby - Gas Gas -15
    11: Craig Robinson - Gas Gas - 16
    12: John Crinson - Beta - 18
    13: Jonathan Richardson - Sherco - 22
    14: Dan Hemingway - Beta - 22
    15: Darren Brice - Scorpa - 23

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    Day Three - MacDonald going for gold

    After the opening two days of the 2010 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT), local hero Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas has once again put himself amongst the front runners thanks to a couple of strong initial performances. Twenty-six year old MacDonald from Kinlochleven carries the weight of the nation on his still relatively young shoulders as he bids to become the second ever Scot to win this World famous event. To date, as the trial looks to celebrate its one hundredth birthday next year, Bob MacGregor back in 1935 remains the only home victor of the SSDT.

    After going clean on day two, MacDonald now sits in a close third place, which matches the best ever result he achieved overall in 2003 when he actually led the trial right up to the closing stages. So once again the spot light is on Gary, and he is having to absorb the pressure that comes with it. "Yes there is a lot of pressure on me, and I am not really a fan of it. Ever since my ride in 2003 it has now become a part of the event for me. Before then I could really enjoy the trial, as there was nothing expected of me."

    "Since 2003, I have been learning to get my head around the pressure and trying to just have a good week. Since swapping to Gas Gas over the winter things have been going well. I have had the bike since January and I am really pleased with it, especially the power of the engine, it couldn't be any better. It took me a little time to adjust, but now I am really enjoying riding it, and again especially this week."

    "As I am not a World championship contender this is without doubt by far the biggest event I have got a chance of winning. This week I am up against the best riders in the World, who ride as a full time job, unlike me. All I can do is to try to keep cool for six days, which I have not managed to do in previous years."

    "I think I am more mature now and I am taking each day as it comes, rather than thinking too far ahead. In 2003 it all got to me, I didn't like having the yellow leader's number plate or the pressure that came with it, but now I am older and perhaps more prepared."

    "All I can do is to try my best to get another good score today and then worry about Thursday and so on, and let's see where that leaves me on Saturday morning."

    "Even yesterday I felt quite emotional as that was only the second time I have managed to clean a whole day, the last time again being on a Tuesday, but back in 2003."

    "Whilst I have to stop myself, it would be an absolute dream come true if I could win it, but if I am honest it is a big ask for me against professional opposition."

    This just in!!!!
    2010 Results

    Day 3 - Daily Positions / Scores

    1: Dougie Lampkin - Beta - 0
    2: Tom Sagar - Montesa - 1
    3: Sam Haslam - Gas Gas - 1
    4: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 1
    5: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 1
    6: Jonathan Richardson - Sherco - 1
    7: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 1
    8: Phil Disney - Beta - 2
    9: Michael Brown - Sherco - 2
    10: John Shirt - Gas Gas - 2
    11: Richard Timperley - Sherco 2
    12: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 2
    13: Joe Baker - Scorpa - 3
    14: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 3
    15: Stephen Dixon - Scorpa - 4

    Overall Positions / Scores

    1: Michael Brown - Sherco - 5
    2: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 7
    3: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 8
    4: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 10
    5: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 12
    6: Albert Cabestany - Sherco - 13
    7: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 13
    8: James Lampkin - Beta - 17
    9: Jack Challoner - Beta - 19
    10: Ross Danby - Gas Gas -19
    11: Jonathan Richardson - Sherco - 23
    12: Tom Sagar - Montesa - 25
    13: Craig Robinson - Gas Gas - 26
    14: John Crinson - Beta - 26
    15: Dan Hemingway - Beta - 27
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    Day Three - Brown still on top at mid point

    Michael Brown - Sherco remains at the top of the leader board, as today marked the mid point in the 2010 Scottish Six Days Trial. However with three tough days still to go, Brown has seen his advantage cut to just two marks, as he dropped two dabs in the final section of the day compared to Alexz Wigg - Beta who parted with just one dab in today's thirty sections.

    Ben Hemingway - Beta matched Wigg's score and has now moved into third spot in the general standings, as Scotland's Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas loss of three marks for the day now puts him in fourth position overall. The 2007 victor James Dabill - Gas Gas now completes the top five after Albert Cabestany - Sherco lost further ground to the front runners after such a strong opening day.

    Today's route of a mere seventy seven miles was a welcomed respite for the riders who have made it this far, with it being a relatively short day sandwiched between Tuesday's and Thursday's runs which are the longest of the week and that are notoriously brutal on bikes and competitors. However the sight of the infamous waterfall at the top of the first group at Trotter's Burn was not the start to the morning many were hoping for.

    The best two performances of the day were by enduro star Tom Sagar and last year's winner Dougie Lampkin - Beta, who both completed all the hazards without loss. Whilst Lampkin continues to pull his way back up the leader board, he now holds twenty-second position overall, with two consecutive clean rides his day was not without incident with him suffering both front and rear wheel punctures at different points in the day.

    Further repairs were called for in the Gas Gas pit area back at the parc ferme, as team boss John Shirt Jnr arrived back with a badly buckled and broken front wheel. Despite having had to limp home Shirt matched his number one rider Dabill by losing just two marks for the day, however both were upstaged by Sam Haslam who dropped just a single dab to become the best Gas Gas rider of the day.

    With Spain's promising newcomer Cabestany losing a five in the third group of the day, Scottish Six Days Trial Specialist Ian Austermuhle - Beta is now on level terms with the World contender after only dropping one mark today. So with three days still to go, including tomorrow's demading route, just five marks splits the top four positions with so much still to ride for. Although Brown remains in the driving seat, he will know from his past experiences that he still has a mountain to climb if he is to add his name to the famous trophy.
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    Way cool! :clap

    NMTA's Rob O'Niell once told me that the toughest year of riding he ever did was competing for one week at the SSDT! :lol3
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    2010 Results
    Day 4 - Daily Positions / Scores

    1: Sam Connor - Beta - 0
    2: Dougie Lampkin - Beta - 0
    3: Darren Brice - Scorpa - 1
    4: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 1
    5: Dan Thorpe - Gas Gas - 1
    6: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 1
    7: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 2
    8: Sam Haslam - Gas Gas - 2
    9: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 2
    10: John Shirt - Gas Gas - 2
    11: Dan Farrer - Gas Gas - 4
    12: Michael Brown - Sherco - 5
    13: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 5
    14: Ben Morphett - Beta - 5
    15: Mark Sunter - Beta - 6

    Overall Positions / Scores

    1: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 9
    2: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 9
    3: Michael Brown - Sherco - 10
    4: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 13
    5: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 15
    6: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 15
    7: Albert Cabestany - Sherco - 20
    8: James Lampkin - Beta - 24
    9: Ross Danby - Gas Gas - 25
    10: Sam Haslam - Gas Gas - 30
    11: Jonathan Richardson - Sherco - 30
    12: Sam Connor - Beta - 32
    13: Dougie Lampkin - Beta - 33
    14: Darren Brice - Scorpa - 33
    15: John Shirt - Gas Gas - 33
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    Day Five - Dobb moves nearer his goal

    When news broke that ex motocross World champion Jamie Dobb - Gas Gas had entered the 2010 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) to raise money and awareness for www.malecancer.org, many thought the now thirty-eight year old would not last the distance, and that his appearance in the Highlands would be no more than a short lived publicity stunt. However with four days gone the 2001 125cc World motocross champion remains on target to realise his goal of finishing this ultra tough event.
    Dobb is Britain's last World motocross champion, the nation had waited twelve long years since David Thorpe last took a title, for the then twenty-nine year old to bring gold back to these shores once again. Whilst Dobb currently sits outside of the top two hundred places, this is not stopping the former off road champion from enjoying his maiden visit to the SSDT. As Jamie explained. The result is not important to me, just to finish would be a great achievement and is my single goal this week."
    "I came here expecting it to be tough and it has been. That said I have still been enjoying myself especially on some of the moor crossings. I have had some low moments, but having now made it past midway I have got a second wind, which is the mental break through I was perhaps looking for."
    "Mentally it's testing and physically it is horrendous. The hardest thing for me is pushing my way through the sections, especially when there are two together and you have got to get up a rock face to get to the next one. I have come back down my fair share I can tell you."
    "Although the moors can be equally as tough, as you have got to be alert at all times and looking for the next bit of danger, this is my favourite bit even when I went straight over the handlebars, head first into a bog and the bike landed on top of me."
    "Tuesday and Thursday have been the toughest days so far, although all the days are tough, just that some are tougher than others. The sections on Wednesday were a little less daunting, I think I managed to scrabble my way through most of them."

    "Unless you are a trials rider and have been to the SSDT you can have no idea what goes on up here. The average motocrosser wouldn't have a clue what to expect, as they only think about their own sport. I have always been quite open minded and have had an interest in trials with John Shirt Jnr being a good friend of mine."

    "I actually think the most talented and gifted guys on bikes are trials riders and this week has just confirmed that to me even more. Watching it on TV is one thing, but until you see it in real life you have no idea of the size of some of those steps."

    "I would love to be back next year, and maybe I will bring some more guys from motocross with me, as they talk about the Erzberg extreme enduro in Austria being tough, but this is a six day Erzberg."

    "As long as I reach the finish, having raised some money and awaress for charity, then I will be very happy."
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    2010 Results compliments of jackie miller:wave

    Day 5 - Daily Positions / Scores

    1: Dan Thorpe - Gas Gas - 1
    2: Ross Danby - Gas Gas - 2
    3: Dougie Lampkin - Beta - 2
    4: Jonathan Richardson - Sherco - 2
    5: Sam Connor - Beta - 3
    6: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 3
    7: Michael Brown - Sherco - 5
    8: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 6
    9: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 6
    10: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 6
    11: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 7
    12: John Shirt - Gas Gas - 8
    13: Sam Haslam - Gas Gas - 9
    14: Jan Peters - Beta - 9
    15: Richard Timperley - Sherco - 10

    Overall Positions / Scores

    1: Michael Brown - Sherco - 15
    2: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 15
    3: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 15
    4: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 18
    5: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 20
    6: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 21
    7: Ross Danby - Gas Gas - 27
    8: Albert Cabestany - Sherco - 30
    9: Jonathan Richardson - Sherco - 32
    10: Dougie Lampkin - Beta - 35
    11: Sam Connor - Beta - 35
    12: Dan Thorpe - Gas Gas - 35
    13: James Lampkin - Beta - 38
    14: Sam Haslam - Gas Gas - 39
    15: John Shirt - Gas Gas - 41

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    Day Six - Hemingway in with a chance

    Thirty-two year old Ben Hemingway - Beta goes into the final day of the 2010 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) with a strong chance of winning what remains the most famous trial in the World. Hemingway from Leeds, West Yorkshire is no stranger to being in this position having been runner up at the SSDT on no less than three separate occasions.

    The Beta rider has stood on the second step of the podium in 2003, 2005 and 2006, and came within a single mark of winning in the middle one of these three years when he was then Montesa mounted. The annual trip to the Scottish Highlands is in the Hemingway's blood with Ben's father John having ridden in the past, and his brother Dan being a regular competitor alongside him.

    Despite the potential pressure Ben remained his happy self and was pleased to explain the following. "It's nice to be in this situation, but I have been here before, so this time I am going to take it as it comes and keep looking and riding as we have done all week."

    "The main thing is to be happy, I am obviously desperate to win, but you just have to see how things go and see if it is going to be your day or not. I hope it's different this time as I am quite fed up with being second, so hopefully everyone will drop a few marks today and will make it easy for me." Ben laughed.

    "It's going to be a tough day, the group before Ben Nevis can be tricky and I am sure there might be an odd surprise on the Ben too. As I said before you have just got to take it in your stride and keep doing as we have done all week. It's simple, look and ride, and forget about the pressure."

    "I haven't been riding too well prior to coming here, but I am really enjoying riding my bike at the moment. I love the four stroke Beta, it is fantastic in these types of sections and gives me a great feeling each time I throw my leg over it."

    "I have been doing a lot of riding before coming to the SSDT, and I think minding for Micheal Brown out at the World Championship events has really helped too."

    "Riding with my cousins Dougie and James Lampkin plus my brother Dan is a massive boost. Dougie has been riding in front and when he cleans a section you know in your own mind you can and must do the same. Dan and James are also doing a great job of keeping an eye out for me."

    "Winning the Scottish Six Days Trial is all I think about ever and I really mean that. Having been second three times makes me think about it even more. Maybe its my turn this year?"
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    Scottish Six Days Trial
    Fort William, Scotland
    Monday 3rd to Saturday 8th May Inclusive - 6 Day Event
    Dougie Lampkin saw his chance of collecting his sixth win at the World famous Scottish Six Days Trial and of extending his current run to three successive victories disappear on the opening day of the event. Lampkin suffered a rare and strange electrical fault on Monday that resulted in him losing twenty-seven marks on time, and which effectively ruled him out of the top order before the trial had even got underway proper.

    Dougie arrived in the Scottish Highlands looking to rewrite the history books by becoming the first ever rider to record a second run of three wins in this unique and classic competition. Whilst the thirty sections per day are now of a level not to really trouble the top riders, the route across mainly rough land that exceeds over one hundred miles on some days remains a real test of man and machine. The trial was originally introduced to measure the reliability of the machines back in the early part of the twentieth century, and with the modern era of trials bike designed for much shorter courses, durabilty continues to be an important part of this event.

    Dougie looked to have put himself very much in contention with the loss of just six marks coming into the final group of sections on Monday afternoon, but just as he was about to ride the last double sub hazard his factory Beta spluttered to a halt. Although Lampkin frantically tried to identify the fault, it was not until nearly three quarters of an hour later that it was diagnosed as being the HT coil.

    With a new coil fitted the thirty-four year old veteran rushed back to the parc ferme after riding the last two sections, but found himself well over his alloted time. This put Dougie outside the top fifty as the first day results were published due to the hefty time penalties he had incurred through no fault of his own.

    Ever the true professional the ex multi FIM Trial World champion did not let this effect the rest of his long week as he set about salvaging some pride by climbing up the leader board and putting on a show for the many people who had made the trip to Fort William to see him in action.

    Lampkin completed the closing five days for the loss of a mere two marks, this included four clean days and just two dabs on Friday during his early day. Dougie's total of eight marks on observation for the week was the best of the two hundred and seventy riders who started the trial and would have been good enough for his sixth victory if it was not for his time penalties. Incredibly Dougie pulled his way up to eighth spot come the finish and even beat Albert Cabestany thanks to another clean ride on day six.

    Although Dougie had still managed to enjoy his week in the Highlands he was understandibly disappointed about what had happened. "I am pretty gutted about Monday as without the problem I would have been there or there abouts. Scotland is tough both on the riders and on the bikes, but having an HT coil pack up is not something you can prepare for."

    "The Scottish is one of my favourite events of the year, so I am disappointed not to have had the chance to extend my winning run. After Monday I just rode for fun, and enjoyed the opportunity to ride with my cousins without any pressure. The battle between Alexz (Wigg), Ben (Hemingway) and Michael (Brown) was a close one and I would like to congratulate them all for riding well and creating such a tense climax."

    Lampkin ended. "Despite my disaster, it was still a great week and a good result for the Beta team."

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    2010 Results

    Final Positions / Scores

    1: Alexz Wigg - Beta - 15
    2: Michael Brown - Sherco - 17
    3: Ben Hemingway - Beta - 17
    4: Ian Austermuhle - Beta - 21
    5: Gary MacDonald - Gas Gas - 25
    6: James Dabill - Gas Gas - 27
    7: Ross Danby - Gas Gas - 34
    8: Dougie Lampkin - Beta - 35
    9: Albert Cabestany - Sherco - 37
    10: Sam Connor - Beta - 42
    11: Jonathan Richardson - Sherco - 43
    12: Dan Thorpe - Gas Gas - 44
    13: James Lampkin - Beta - 47
    14: Joe Baker - Scorpa - 53
    15: John Shirt - Gas Gas - 55

    Previous winners*

    2009 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
    2008 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
    2007 - James Dabill - Montesa
    2006 - Graham Jarvis - Sherco
    2005 - Sam Connor - Sherco
    2004 - Graham Jarvis - Sherco
    2003 - Joan Pons - Sherco
    2002 - Amos Bilbao- Montesa
    2001- Cancelled due to Foot + Mouth

    2000 - Steve Colley - Gas Gas
    1999 - Graham Jarvis - Bultaco
    1998 - Graham Jarvis - Scorpa
    1997 - Steve Colley - Gas Gas
    1996 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
    1995 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
    1994 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
    1993 - Steve Colley - Beta
    1992 - Steve Colley - Beta
    1991 - Steve Saunders - Beta

    1990 - Steve Saunders - Beta
    1989 - Steve Saunders - Fantic
    1988 - Steve Saunders - Fantic
    1987 - Jordi Tarres - Beta
    1986 - Thierry Michaud - Fantic
    1985 - Thierry Michaud - Fantic
    1984 - Thierry Michaud - Fantic
    1983 - Toni Gorgot - Montesa
    1982 - Bernie Schreiber - SWM
    1981 - Gilles Burgat - SWM

    * 1981-2009 inclusive

    Click here to view 2010 final results [FR]

    Click here to view images [1] [2] [3]

    Images by kind permission of Eric Kitchen - High Resolution copyright free versions for media / editorial use available on request.

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    Prince Wigg - Talks about his SSDT victory

    The initial expression on Alexz Wigg's - Beta face as he realised he had won the 2010 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) was one of relief rather than instant jubilation, but as his father Julian stepped forward to congratulate his son the true emotion of the moment begun to show. Few words were spoken between the two of them as the photographers stepped forward to grab their shot, however the scale of the achievement was etched on both of their faces.

    In the background of the celebrations, the quiet but towering figure of Harold Crawford, Wigg's World championship minder and mentor, remained in the distance as he allowed father and son to enjoy this special moment alone. Never one to take centre stage, Harold had certainly played his part over the week in keeping the young mind focussed on the job in hand, a point that Alexz was quick to acknowledge after he had tasted the victory champagne on Saturday afternoon.

    Prince Wigg (as aptly named by Dougie Lampkin - Beta after the veteran rider had to surrender his SSDT title to the young pretender) spoke about his victory. "I want to thank everyone who has helped me this week and especially Harry (Harold), as having him with me today has been a big help. Even when he was struck down by the sickness virus earlier in the week he just kept going, and that tells you a lot about the guy."

    "It's an unbelievable feeling to hear the words Alexz Wigg - Scottish Six Days Trial winner - it's an absolute dream come true. This is the trial that every rider dreams of winning. After being so close last year, thankfully my dream is now reality."

    "I definitely felt the pressure today, with having Brown riding out front I started to hear stories later in the day saying that he dropped one or two marks. But rather than making me more nervous it just motivated me even more to keep my feet up and to go clean."

    "Even after the first day when I was back in sixth place I was still confident that I could pick the riders off who were in front of me, as it is a long week up here. My lowest point was on Friday night when I realised I had got a one mark time penalty. That really rattled me, but thankfully it never counted in the end."

    "Winning the Youth and Junior World championships were a massive accomplishment and something I am very proud of, but to win the Scottish Six Days Trial is even more special. It is the World's most famous trial and perhaps the single most important trial in the year, so I am just happy to have now added my name to that big trophy."

    "This victory will give me a massive confidence boost, as I have had some confidence problems at the start of this season, but like today I just kept telling myself - you can do this - and I have. Last year the Scottish was a turning point in my season and I hope that is the case this year too."

    "There have been some nasty sections today, but maybe they just looked that way because of the pressure I was under. Winning this event with a clean last day is the icing on the cake and is a great way to take the victory."

    "This is by far the biggest win of my career and will be hard to top."

    Prince Wigg will return to the Scottish Highalnds, and more specifically Fort William during the first full week in May next year to defend his crown and to see if he can claim another victory, when the SSDT will build on the huge success of this year's event and will celebrate its centenary.
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    Congrats Alexz Wigg! :clap
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    Poor Dougie didn't win cause his bike wouldn't start!
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    What about now - 2012????
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    Dougie Lampkin (Gas Gas) has won The 2012 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) by the narrowest of margins, to put himself in the record books as the only rider ever to have won this world famous event six times. However the 36-year-old multi world champion had to endure an agonising wait to learn his fate after a final day packed with drama and intrigue.

    The 2012 SSDT saw the closest ever finish in its long history today when Dougie was only declared the winner after an exhaustive tie-break process. Following six days of competition, 176 sections and over 500 miles covered Lampkin and James Dabill (Beta) both finished the event equal on 15 marks apiece, as they dropped three and two marks respectively today.

    After checking back through their scores for the whole week it revealed that Lampkin and Dabill shared the same number of cleans, ones, twos, threes and fives and thus the winner was eventually decided by the rider who had travelled the further before dropping a mark. This went in Lampkin's favour, with him having remained clean on the opening two days of the trial.

    This was an incredible finale to another fantastic week of riding in the Scottish Highlands, which saw three riders go into today all with a real chance of taking the win. Michael Brown (Gas Gas) came off worst in the three way scrap and had to settle for the last podium place on this occasion as a five in one of the final groups wrecked his chances. Dan Thorpe (Gas Gas) lost marks in the same two ultra tough sections at Achintee as Brown, but his tally of six for the day was enough to pip Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) to fourth spot overall, as Wigg dropped eleven marks today.

    Ian Austermuhle (Beta) also moved up the final order with a solid last day performance, his score of nine today saw himself steal sixth place from early trial leader Jordi Pascuet (JotaGas) who faded during the closing three days. Sam Connor (Beta), Jack Challoner (Beta) and Sam Haslam (Gas Gas) rounded out the overall top ten, as just eight marks separated these three particular riders after a long week of riding.

    Emma Bristow (Ossa) overcame a last minute scare and mechanical difficulties during today to claim a well deserved and executed win amongst the female riders, this being her second success in this class in a row. Andrew Anderson (JotaGas) was a clear winner in the fight to be the best Scottish competitor despite a late charge from local rider Kevin Dignan (Gas Gas).

    After only making the entry list at the last minute Bradley Cox (Beta) made a textbook Scottish debut and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his Highland adventure to claim the prize for best newcomer. This teenager rider could be one to watch at future SSDT events, and maybe an overall winner in years to come. The battle of the older guards was nearly as tight as the headline winner, with Adam Norris (Beta) grabbing the Over 40 victory by a single mark from John Shirt (Gas Gas) who had led from the start to day five.

    Although the sun only shone rarely during the week, the SSDT once again shone with 276 riders enjoying six days of sporting excellence in the Highlands, which was capped by the closest finish ever and history being made. Roll on May 2013.

    The SSDT is organised by the Edinburgh & District Motor Club. EventScotland continued to support the event this year as part of its national funding programme. 276 competitors took part in this year's event between 7th and 12th May. For more information about the SSDT, please visit the website at www.ssdt.org.

    this report compliments of Jake miller