2011 Honda Shadow Phantom: Source for front fork springs?

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by WantToRideMoar, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Hi, guys:

    I'm 1 year old in the land of motorcycles, got my first bike last year. A 2011 Honda Shadow Phantom. Put about 13,000 miles on it so far, along with another 500 miles or so on an older XR600R I bought last summer for rougher riding.

    Getting the Shadow geared out for a 48-State cross country ride over about 2 months soon.

    I've determined that the stock config on the front suspension is too bouncy. It dives a lot when braking. A more experienced rider and coach agrees with that assessment, and suggested that a lot of Hondas leave the factory set up for very lightweight riders. I am 190lbs.

    Rear doesn't feel too bad at all. Pretty happy with it.

    So, I'm looking at changing the weight of oil in the front shock, and/or also changing the weight of the springs installed up there. I've ordered the official Honda 2010-2013 manual for the Shadow Phantom series and it should arrive early next week.

    However, I'm trying to source replacement springs and compare available weights. I supposedly need springs that compress at 0.9kg/mm, according to a calculator at SonicSprings.com. And I can't find any springs anywhere designated to fit my bike. It's been suggested to me to try the following suppliers:


    None of them have springs that are referenced to fit a 2011 Honda Shadow.

    Help a confused fellow rider out, if you wouldn't mind... Where the heck can I get front fork springs for my bike? Or tell me I'm a complete retard and my bike is adjusted by XYZ technique and I'm going about this the wrong way... (like I said, no shop manual yet but it will arrive next week in the mail).