2012 DL 650 thumbs up or down?

Discussion in 'Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan' started by BlueSkyGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. D.T.

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Moneyapolis, MN
    My gripes so far are that the bike started out smooth, but seems to be getting buzzier. And the stock seat is hard. And if only the bike was a 750cc. 300+ mile rides it needs to be a bit more comfortable.

    Great bike other than the above. The motor can be upped to Gladius specs, but it will cost ya. You could spend $1500 on the motor to get another 7-8 hp out of it.
  2. mrnoitall

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    Jan 15, 2012
    Right, because the redesigned gas tank and plastics really clarify the bike's purpose
    It's all relative but $8600 cash for ANY-thing.. does not scream minimal to me. I had a hard enough time separating myself with $3500 for a 09 Versys with 3000 miles.

    Minimal cash to me is the $500 paid for my 07 ninja 250 with a few dents and bruises.

    I'll wait for the impulse strapped cashed buyer who bought a brand new 2012 Vstrom, decided he doesn't need it or can't afford it and is forced to let it go for 40% less than he paid.. My garage is home to many of those bikes!
  3. jptsr1

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    May 29, 2011
    Rode the 2012 today and I was less than impressed. Not sure what I expected having never been on an adventure bike of any kind before but it seemed a little underpowered. The motor was smooth in a blender sort of way. I'm a very big guy and the V let me know it when I got on the throttle. I definitely would need the extra ponies of the 1000. In addition to fealing neutered the fit and finish seemed poor. There's a lot of plastic and it all seemed cheep. I rode the "adventure" model with all the trimmings. Once I got it up to speed I could feel and hear all those extra parts rattling. The vibration through the bars was very noticeable as well. The 1000 pulled a little better but had the same fit and finish issues amplified by the extra rumble.

    Me no likey.