2012 Ural Retro for sale, ready to move

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by CameronStex, May 20, 2013.

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    May 19, 2013
    Spokane - Inland NW!
    It's past due for me to get a new Patrol on the floor. This 2012 Retro needs to go first. MSRP for the 2012's was $13,950, where as the 2013 retails at $14,250, plus freight/setup on both (freight $590 and setup $350). I am absorbing the $940 freight and setup on the Retro. We are looking at Ural's set MSRP of $13,950 plus tax and doc/license.
    Otherwise, there are a couple blemishes in the paint on the fuel tank, paid for under warranty and we are meant to be ordering a tank, or...
    If there's some other way we can work something out, I'm open to offers.
    If you're looking to trade something in, I can make the trade in very beneficial, depending of course. Tell me/show me what you have!
    I figure AdvRider is just about the best place to drop an ad like this :deal
    Email me if you're interested and/or about trade-in details,
    Stex Motorsports
    Spokane, Washington
    Have photos upon request. But I will get some up after lunch today.