2013 British Superbike Season

Discussion in 'Racing' started by wpbarlow, Jan 5, 2014.

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    If you have the Velocity channel (631 on my Version FIOS), they seem to be rerunning last year's BSB- a round (two races) every Saturday afternoon . I watched most of the races the past 3 months: it was thrilling week to week- the kind of good close/hard racing we'd love to see in every series- usually from 1st through 12th or so. The championship went down to the last lap of the last race.

    The announcers are very entertaining & informative; and you soon learn the names of the riders who you might never have heard of. The camera work is excellent, as is the editing. They show 2 (3 on the last weekend of racing) races in the hour segment, so you see all the "good stuff" with decent replay angles and analysis.

    Imo, the best presented and most enjoyable race series of 2013.
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    I have been watching this also. The battles between Lowes/Byrne are awesome. If you like bar banging roadracing, check it out!
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    It'll be interesting to see how Lowes does in WSBK. And with Laverty as a teammate, they should be able to feed off each other pretty well.
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    The only problem is they are on the Crescent Suzuki team. Not only is the GSXR not a competitor for podiums, but it's a Crescent team. Paul Denning has been a consistant failure, as a manager, to make teams he's running competitive at an international level.