2013 Trans Alp Rally at the Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge

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    Hey Trans Alp Riders, [​IMG]

    The 2013 Fall Trans Alp rally at the Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge is only 1.5 months away!!!! Make your plans to attend the rally and bring your other TA riders with you.
    The Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge is proud to present the 2013 Fall Trans Alp rally at our facility starting October 11-13 th.
    Last years rally was great and we expect attendance this year to be even better. The Trans Alp legacy will only continue with you the new owners support and participate. If you missed the rally last year please make plans and sign up for the rally.
    We will have dual sport rides for the area, tech session and upgrades
    discussion, door prizes, and beer drinking around the campfire at night.

    The time of year is peak leaf season here and the weather is usually
    fantastic for camping or just enjoying the mountains. Couple that with a
    bunch of TA riders and we have chemistry for a great annual rally.

    Currently we have lots of cabins, rooms, and tenting camping plus RV spots
    so making plans to attend the rally as soon as possible.

    Due to the limited number of TA's I plan on including all NX and XLR
    riders of the era.

    Call the Ironhorse at 828-479-3864 or email me at john@ironhorsenc.com for

    A rally like this take participation and this group will become the
    nucleus of future rallies.

    Lets make this a great one.

    Let me know if you are available and invite friends

    John Powell
    Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge
    Robbinsville, NC
    828-479-3864 Office
    404-735-0554 Cell
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    Already have a reservation for that wknd. Look forward to the event