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    Is that Coors Light you're talkin' about Lineaway? :rofl
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    Read Hoss' Econo history again and wanted to add some detail regarding my beloved 2010 Econo 280.

    It had a tube in the rear wheel. The engine center cases were aluminum. The primary cover was black painted magnesium. The reed block was the single-piece molded rubber type, and the cavity for it in the center cases was slightly smaller than the cavity in the magnesium center cases. The forks were not Chinese, but rather Sachs closed cartridge with steel stanchion rods with black PVD or CVD coating. The frame was the elliptical (a.k.a oval) tube type with the previous, more compact subframe. The shifter was a cheaper aluminum unit that broke. The shifter eccentric stop needed adjusting. Ignition was Kokusan, and I swapped ECMs off my '11 300 Raga to calm the Raga and perk up the Econo. Win win!

    Everything else was like any typical 2008 GasGas.

    I put an Ohlins shock on the rear, which soon blew. I rebuilt the shock and had myself one of my favorite bikes. A new owner is enjoying it now.

    Overall it was a bargain great bike!
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