3 Day Dualsport Ride, Wells, NV 9/4-7th

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    Apr 8, 2002
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    This year has been a full onslaught to take this endeavor to a full time operation. The creation of the website and this FB page are part of the results. The rapport and support we have had with the City of Wells and the local Chamber are another. The creation of our 3 fold color brochure and the sanctioning with the AMA for this year's events are another part of our efforts to work with the City. The agreement we have with Beach Party Surfers to provide a benefit concert for our diabetes charity is another effort that was brought about by the willingness of Bobby Jack Davis and his group to provide the concert. The help I have always received from guys like Lance Dean, Mike Sonzini, Alfred Jorgensen, and especially my wife , Susi, is the most important factor.
    I am currently negotiating with an outdoor TV program to participate and film the 3 day dualsport ride this year.
    This will be our biggest push yet to provide you with an outstanding event in 2014. Get your registrations in. It is imperative to help me with the planning.
    Go here for details.

    Remember that for your $100 registration fee that we feed you 3 dinners starting Thursday PM and 3 breakfasts starting Fri AM. There are door prizes, diabetes charity benefit auction, 50/50 ticket drawing, a benefit concert on Saturday night along with our dinner and awards ceremony, and a keg or two. The rides will be based on a menu of choices with leaders and gps tracks.
    If you have questions, you can contact me via the website or a PM.