3 guys, 8 days, 4700km Bris to Bairnsdale VIC

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    Excellent report, it looked like a hoot.:D:D

    I like the way that the 990's are set up with the high front guard.

    Are they hard to set up?
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    standing inside looking out
    Excellent ride report , groovy photo's :deal Baz where are we going :ear
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    Ok well if I can add here<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
    First of all thanks Ranger for organising and encouraging such a venture at very short notice.<o:p></o:p>
    Shakey and I could tell it was thrown together at short notice by the lack of organisation we experienced at every stop.<o:p></o:p>
    No sandwiches or refreshments at any stop, sometimes no fuel at the service station no booked accommodation, no set stop each night, I don’t know how you can charge those prices Ranger and provide no services....<o:p></o:p>
    If anyone has been anywhere with ranger they would know it is an unknown as to what may happen. This trip was no different and where ever we stopped we managed to strike up a conversation with anyone. Ranger does his best work in service stations and it is a sight to behold. you will always leave with a full tank and a laugh as the lady...or gent behind the counter is sitting there in bewilderment red faced or both at to the effects of cyclone ranger, young, old, man, woman, dog, sheep.....no sorry no dogs or sheep just people...<o:p></o:p>
    The ease of this trip how it went, how the bikes went, how Shakey went....with anyone, well we have photos of him with both of us, go on show em rob, we did have some directional issues at one stage that did resemble a pissing contest but that was soon lost to the countryside and the amazing views around each corner.<o:p></o:p>
    To the "weird" notes in Goulbourn, we arrived at a servo in the middle of town in 40 something degree heat to find it resembling something like a discount servo in Brisbane selling fuel at 30c a litre, there seemed to be people everywhere, upon taking our helmets off the was 2 different arguments occurring the lady working there marching around doing something it made it even more spectacular as the arguments seemed to be in some other language as well. Upon payment ranger got a lesson from the lady behind the counter on how to carry your water on a hot day, she had you measure ranger maybe the attendants at the previous servos rang ahead.....<o:p></o:p>
    The stop on the way back was lunch at a restaurant chain that seems to be everywhere these days bless them, where upon arrival and removal of helmets, there was a largish argument in the car park where a youngish impatient gent in an enhancing 4x4 had trouble waiting for an older lady to cross his path on her way to her car,....ranger also had to chat up a young lady trying to put her infant in the boot of her car and he suggested it may not be legal....maybe that’s why there is a prison in town.....<o:p></o:p>
    All the roads we were on were fantastic except the stretch of highway that ate the last of my tyre coming into the twilight zone of Goulbourn.<o:p></o:p>
    So once again thanks ranger and Shakey for a great trip, great company I never knew looking at Shakey that he could strangle a 990 and was such a good rapper as well busting out funky cold medina on karaoke,you do have a resemblance to Tone Loc, you fully sick dog. And I have the pics.<o:p></o:p>
    I did however know ranger was trouble and to see him weave his linguistic magic to the ladies is something you’ve got to see, except maybe that one in the pink dress in Armidale... and to adjust your attitude to your rear tyre on the putty and the resulting grin was magic.<o:p></o:p>
    And it would be remiss of me to mention the honourable trailtech speedo. I have had some really good support from Brian at trailtech in the US of A and I have a new sensor in the mail on the way to me as we speak....free of charge....I had to pay postage.<o:p></o:p>
    A ride to remember thanks guys.<o:p></o:p>
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    Ahh see now your lucky you didn't stay the night.......you could have experienced so much more that we have to offer

    thanks for sharing your ride fella's:thumb