4 Barrel Carb or not?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by skidxr, Oct 24, 2013.

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    I concur with Concours. He is absolutely correct.

    If you want to toss money at it, spend it on the things that will actually make a difference such as a new ignition system. Or possibly buy a new replacement carburetor after a professional inspection of the original one, I suspect there are probably many age and wear issues such as a worn throttle shaft, etc that could benefit your performance by getting repaired.
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    Aug 11, 2013
    I agree with Red83GT(in normal circumstances), camshaft with the Edlebrock intake/carb combo may wake it up, right in the low to mid rpm range where it is needed. You should see a slight increase in mileage with the right camshaft due to not having to have the throttle opened as much to go . When a motor isn't struggling as much you don't need to constantly be giving it more gas to keep up with traffic, so less gas used.
    I'd call Edlebrock tech line and they will set you up with the parts that compliment each other . Maybe even their EFI setup ??? , maybe not worth it right from the start, I haven't done much mods on mopar so whether they take to these additions I can't say. I do know some areas that 2 holers have given the best running and economy with good tuning. Maybe that crate motor would be best, but not really worth the coin.
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    Thanks for all great advice guys. I was told my existing carb is worn out and needs to be replaced. I thought if I was going to replace it anyway way not go bigger. I will probably just try to find a replacement 2 barrel and see how she runs. I'm not dumping a ton of cash into it. Most of the time it's a storage shed for bike parts anyway.
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    How many miles total? Motorhomes usually don't get 100,000's of thousands of miles. If the throttle shaft bore in the body isn't sloppy (quick manual wiggle test) then a gasket/rubber parts kit could restore performance. I'm old, and "rebuild kit" in carbs was a common thing, most times now, though, R&R is the ($$$!!!) order of the day.
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    Agreed your stock 2v should flow about near optimum. If you do go with a 4v swap keep it within usable range. I'd suspect 400-500 CFM is what a 360 could likely use. Just don't go monster 4v carb the racers use. Just stuffing more air and fuel in the motor doesn't gain you anything unless you've got the internals(cam, valve train) to handle more volume. Big honker carbs w/o other mods for street use generally don't gain you much other than "I'm running a 4 barrel" bar stool bragging rights and the cool sound when the back barrels kick in. Sounds cool but doesn't mean you're really going faster as to the guy with the correctly set up 2v who just passed you will remind you of at the end of the run.
    Do your homework before buying parts.
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    I can tell you I could tell the difference between a 4 barrel only running on 2 and running on 4. Hint, when putting the hose clamp on make sure the tail doesn't press up against the secondary shaft holding it shut. That little 302 ran noticeably better on 4 instead of 2.

    About 18 years ago I was working on a 440 powered Class A Winnie. At one point I was standing over the engine as it was being driven around town. Really cool watching the white cloud of fuel vapor pouring out the venturi boosters. Probably not the smartest thing straddling a big block V8 at full power, but a really cool sight I still vividly remember.