5 Miles Of Hell & what else?

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    Im tring to put together a 5MOH (5 miles of hell) trip near Moab Ut. Does anyone have any suggestions on what other trails we sould ride the next day. I have been to Moab on MTB & 4x4, but I just did all the big name trails. Has anyone dome Hell Revenge or the Slickrock trail on a dirt bike. Is this worth our time or is there better stuff out there thats not so populer. We our just tent camping. On the 5MOH trail Im riding my trials bike but Im taking my KTM too. Let me know your thoughts.
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    Lots and lots of options. The trials bike is cheating on 5MOH!

    5MOH is located in the San Rafael Swell, west of Moab by about an hour and change.

    Around the general 5MOH area are quite a few trails. Red (which is a somewhat tamer version of 5MOH, if you don't like Red, don't try 5MOH)

    Blue and Green trails are all close to 5MOH and each is relatively easy.

    Waterfall trail is a nice little singletrack in the area as well.

    If you want to stay in the Swell, you could do the Devils Racetrack loop, Black Dragon Wash (to see the petroglyphs)



    If you choose to move out of the Swell, you could drive just east of Green River (about 45 minutes east of the Swell) and ride the White Wash/Dibinky Wells area. Sand dunes and trails.

    http://www.bookcliffrattlersmc.com/#!vstc0=trail-maps (Click on Dibinky map)

    If you want to do Moab, most everything is "popular" you will have company.

    Nice long write up of the popular Moab trails here: