500 click round trip

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    Mar 3, 2012
    G'day lads and lasses had a great ride today, 500k round trip from Molong to Coolah NSW my old home town. Was great to cruise through there on my 2010 Wide Glide as when I was knee high to grass hopper all I wanted was a Harley. The weather was glorious and I did a buck twenty most of the way, the only walloppers I saw where doing RBT and Rego checks. I'm sure you'll agree there's nothing better then waking up in the morning with the urge to go for a ride knowing you have all day to do it, I would have loved to keep riding but had to come back to reality. I'm thinking another 500clicker is in order next days off before it gets to cold. Cheers NITRUSS Ride Hard

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