500 miles to Lafayette... where would you live?

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    Jul 4, 2008
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    I've asked the same question over in the Texas, gulf coast regional forum, but since I've realized that 500 miles around Lafayette covers more ground than I thought.... well I'll ask here as well.

    In April I'll probably be relocating to within 500 miles of Lafayette Louisiana for work. It will be alot easier to pick up workover shifts (normal shift is 14days/14days) if I'm within 500 miles, plus no more airfare back to Oregon every 2 weeks. So the question (since I don't know the area that well), is where would you recommend moving to if you could move anywhere withing 500ish miles of Lafayette....?

    I'm looking for low cost of living, fun things to do, easy commute to the gulf coast, low crime, and single women to meet (not necessarily in that order.) Thanks for any and all advice. Heres a handy reference for a 500 mile radius, frankly more than I thought it would be...

    so... if you could move anywhere in the area indicated, where would it be?