60cx software question

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    Well, just an update to this thread, cause I hate leaving them hanging open ended..........

    I did find that the Mygarmin webpage was asking me for a certificate # to get the "additional unlock code". So, I called Garmin's FANTASTIC customer support and explained that I had the 2720 and just got the 60cx and wanted to get an unlock code for it and they were like, "Okay, no problem......." and verified some info from me and got my 60cx device info and gave me the unlock code with NO issues whatsoever. :clap

    And I know that I didn't just get lucky with 1 good rep, cause at first I went to the marine dept and explained my case and he was like, No prob, let me put you to the outdoor (or whatever) dept...........and I ended up with the wrong dept again and explained my case and got the same response and was passed to the Mapsource dept who also said No prob and processed my request.

    Now I know that my copy of CNv8 was unlockable for 2 units, and I know they have changed the rules to not allow that, so I don't know if my copy was registered before that change was why they let me through, or maybe they aren't sticking to the new rule so tight, but either way I am a happy camper - er, gps owner. :evil

    I just can't say enough about Garmin's support & customer service. They have never given my any trouble with any issue and resolved issues to make the customer happy with no arguments. You just can't get that everywhere and once again.........they have done right by me :D

    I did check it out last night after I got the maps transfered - which took FOREVER. :huh I can tell that I am still going to need to get hold of a copy of R&R, cause CN isn't going to do me much good offroad on the dirtbike, but I will leave it on the unit for times when I use it on my FZ1 or in the truck to find gas/food/etc.... and also route me places. That will allow me to only bring 1 gps unit, cause if I am using it no the dirtbike and hauling it somewhere, there's no use in having the 2720 on the dash of the truck too.