640 Adv owners w/stock exhaust...

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by PASSMORE, Aug 31, 2004.

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    Feb 9, 2004
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    Welcome back Muzungu; what was your old handle? Thanks for the dissent from the party line. Creeper was pushing it pretty heavily up there... :D JK, thanks for the clarification creep, I will arrange your facts into a tidy little mess inside my head and when they come back out you will hardly recognize yourself! :lol3

    So some like modifying the top of the airbox eh? Well with most saying the BST likes a "tuned" airbox I worry just how much and where the airbox should breathe. They say the BST needs some constriction up front; the FCR doesn't care about that and can be wide open.

    Ya see I am interested in improving power ONLY if it does not sacrifice fuel efficiency. I think the bike is powerful enough in some RPM ranges and just needs some tweaking to get it smoothed out in the low RPMs and open up the top a bit.

    I am interested in the SXC exhaust, but wonder if an unpacked exhaust (metal baffles) would be better (i.e. no maintenance) for adventure touring, like the IDS2 or Remus.

    BTW, Y'all get better gas in Africa Muzungu? That is a surprise!

    raipti, send me your mailing address (PM if ya like) and I will ship them off! :deal
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    Thanks Popsicle, it is good to be back.

    I supose some people will notice what they think has something to do with a "tuned" airbox, maybe even putting the bike on a dyno will show something or another. But in all reality, how much of that is in ones head? I gess that's where it only really matters anyway :wink: . My engine runs just fine with the airbox top cut off, the side pannel removed and even with out an air filter :eek1 ! Just makes a hell of an intake rackett. Thought I'd try it to see if there was really anything to the so called "tuned" airbox theory. I didn't notice any differance power wise, and is one really going to notice what, maybe a max of one horsepower differance? If you think you'll really notice that, maybe we should start shaving our legs and wearing those goofy looking tights thingies.....forget about a chest protector and riding boots, little own all the drag a helmet creates!
    Butt to each his own:nod .

    I really haven't had a chemical analysis done on the gas here, but it sure smells better than the stuff I got in the States over X-Mass.

    For all I know, I could be full of shit, like I said, as long as it's all in my head and I'm convinced of it:rofl

    Anyway, I really do like the SXC exhaust!

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    I did the mod that ktmnate shows and am running 14 disks in my stock exhaust. I used an 1 3/8 hole saw. It definately added some pop in the low end and has a nice sound to it now.

    I also removed the charcoal canister, airbox mod (top removed and spacers on the side intake(envision an air scoop on the side), 157.5 main jet, drilled the slide, and raised the needle one notch. Some of it thanks to creeper.

    Doing the exhaust mod definately was worth the time and effort.

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    I just took apart my original Supertrap.
    It doesn't have any disks at all in it, but still has the small pipe show in the cuttout.

    I can't see how the disks would work in this setup, is the last one solid, forcing the exhaust out past the disk 'gaps'? I know other Supertraps I've seen, but with missing parts it is hard to tell.

    **Ok, I've gotten it figured out. One of the PO's just removed all the discs. I'll see if I can find some.

    Guess I'll either have to buy some, or something. Maybe that is why the bike seems low on power.