650 V-Strom and wind buffeting issue.

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  1. OzRogue

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    May 20, 2014
    Hello all, about five years ago I bought a second hand 650 V-Strom now to say these bikes are fantastic would be a understatement they are just that good, BUT they do have a issue which caused me to sell mine and I know many others have done the same THE HEAD BUFFETING ISSUE.

    Ok I tried everything to fix mine different screens, different screen position, I tried everything to stop it but in the end it beat me and the bike was sold.

    Move forward to today I found a second hand late model 650 V-Strom 2012/2013 model at a good price with a few added extra's, I am yet to test ride it hopefully early next week.

    Now the latest model has the new and suppose to be better standard screen from Suzuki, my question is do the 650 V-Strom still have the head buffeting issue on the late model bikes, has this issue been fixed or is Suzuki just laying down a smoke screen saying there is no head buffeting anymore on there newer models cheers.
  2. wvtaco

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    Apr 13, 2013
    I'm 6'2" and get small buffering when a larger car/SUV gets in from of me on the highway. But other wise with the windshield all the way up, I don't really get any. When sitting upright it seems the air hits the top of my helmet. I have done a few 500 miles days on the slab and havnt noticed anything bad.
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  3. DaveH250

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    Dec 30, 2012
    Yes they do, I changed out the stock screen on my 13 for a Givi air flow and it took care most of the head shake.

  4. Titan1969

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    Jan 1, 2011
    Newport Beach, CA
    Yep I got the 22" givi. Works great on stock mounts. :clap
  5. MariusD

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    Dec 19, 2012
    Metairie, near New Orleans
    Whether or not you have buffeting depends on the mods on your bike. If you have stock handlebars in the stock location then you should be fine with an aftermarket screen. However, if you get risers or taller handlebars because u want to sit more upright, you will get buffeting even with an aftermarket screen. I think the footpeg lowering kit might also have an impact, because it puts your knee lower and allows more updraft wind to come up. Im pretty sure with pegs in the stock location I noticed less buffeting, but also less comfort.

    With atv high bars, 2in footpeg lowering kit and givi af3101 I get tons of buffetting on my '12 dl650. Im gonna go back to stock bars, as that seemed to have the least buffetting. The af 3101 screen is great with the stock bars.
  6. devo2002

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    Nov 12, 2010
    Los Angeles
    got the af3101 givi and buffeted was reduced 85%, when it's hot it's on the lowest setting and raise it up when chillier. Last thing to do to remove the last 15% is mirror risers, they are the worst. I've heard to switch sides, move the right to the left, etc., but haven't tried yet.

  7. OzRogue

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    May 20, 2014
    Yep it's sad to see from the replies here and I also on a couple of V-Strom forums I visited today that wind buffeting is still a issue even on the new models, so I can't see another 650 V-Strom in my future, I couldn't get it fixed the first time and I am not willing to chance it a second time it just costs me to much money, shame really great bike but just bad engineering from Suzuki with these screen issue's.
  8. Andrew011

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    Aug 9, 2012
    I reduced 85% of buffeting (stock windshield) by placing 2x2 rubber rings under the two LOWER screws holding the screen. This did nothing but changed the ANGLE of the shield. The buffeting is still there but very, very much reduced. It saved me money since I planned to put the Givi windshield, but now I don't need to.
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  9. PeterW

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    Nov 11, 2005
    Gold Coast
    Not buffeting, though I cured that on my K6 anyway. Wind noise I can live without , the Givi screen largely eliminated wind noise as well for me.

  10. Pecha72

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    May 5, 2008
    Helsinki, Finland
    Keep in mind, that two riders could be exactly the same height, but the other has a longer back, and shorter legs, or v.v., means they may have their helmets 1 or 2 inches higher or lower than the other, so the aerodynamics, where their heads are, is not the same. They could also have different helmets, and it will affect things. They could ride different types of roads, at very different average speeds, they may have modified their bikes aerodynamics, ergonomics & seating position in many ways, and finally, they may also just simply experience the whole thing very differently. It´s not an exact science.

    So there are a huge number of factors at play, and as with anything involving aerodynamics, just tiny changes can affect everything. If you can find out from an internet forum, how YOU will experience buffeting on a certain bike model, without actually riding that bike yourself, then you must really be an expert.
  11. Soldier311

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    Nov 13, 2013
    Eastern NC
    Very well said, Pecha.
    The only way to know for sure is to ride one yourself. I'm in the market for a 2012+ Strom myself, but if there's buffeting when I test ride one, it's gonna get marked off my list. Wind noise and full-on wind blast is one thing.....but buffeting is intolerable to me.
  12. hwunger

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    Aug 15, 2013
    Left Coast
    concensus is the OEM w/s is crap .... :D

    my solution is the Givi w/s in 2nd lowest setting, a 90% solution.

    on longer trips, be sure to wear ear plugs :deal
  13. robberst

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    Jun 5, 2007
    North Dakota
    I have a 2004 dl650.

    I purchased the madstad bracket, but ultimately I got rid of the buffeting with a different helmet.

    I started out with a cheap fulmer helmet.....bad buffeting
    Then a shoei tz-1......bad buffeting
    Bell Sprint......buffeting gone
    Now a Bell Apex....no buffeting.
    I'm about due for a new helmet now and don't know what to get....

    the only time it is an issue now is with a REALLY strong crosswind.
  14. eakins

    eakins Butler Maps

    May 29, 2002
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    better mirrors (ktm) that are lower, out of the way and more aero. wind hit stock wide mirrors and deflects some back to rider. mirror extender would also help if you want to keep stock mirrors. i hated the look of the stock mirrors too. http://www.adventuretech.biz/mirror-extenders.html
    madstad bracket
    givi shield (tilted back with bracket till it was smooth air)

    made my strom smooth sailing as far as wind up at the top.

    there is still air that comes up from the sides of the fairing and can blow up into your jacket & helmet. some make homemade side shields. surprised no one to this day has not produced anything commercial.
  15. honsfun

    honsfun n00b

    Feb 9, 2010
    I had eliminated all buffeting by using madstad and Givi. Good up to 75mph. Recently sold the wee and have a stock shield with laminar touring lip which I will be listing for sale.
  16. mrbreeze

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    Jan 13, 2007
    it's all relative. It depends on so many factors, there is no way Suzuki can "fix it" and make it work for everyone. What works for you may suck for me. We are different heights, inseams, weights. We have different helmets. Heck it even varies day to day for the same rider depending on weather and traffic conditions.

    Chances are, you will need to make changes to ANY bike to get it to fit you. A different seat, different windshield, different handlebar. It's just part of it.

    I have a '13 DL650 Adventure. I am 5'9", 29" inseam. I wear a Shoei RF1100. I thought the stock screen was pretty good, but could be improved. I tried the Givi AirFlow and that worked well on my '12 model. Now I am running a Madstad with a sport screen, and I like it too. I also have a set of air deflectors, forgot what they are called. I have put grip buddies on it. My Airhawk should be waiting on me when I get home, and depending on how that works out, I may lower the pegs. I think with a few more tweaks this will be a seriously comfortable bike, and I intend to spend a lot of time on it.

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  17. Papadoc

    Papadoc n00b

    Feb 26, 2014
    I have '09 dl650, new to me. 5'10" 29" inseam.
    Stock windshield was wery bad, strong buffeting.

    MRA X-creen Touring and bar end mirrors resolved the problem completely.
    Highly recommended !
  18. squish

    squish Out of the office.

    Dec 4, 2003
    Where the Ghetto meets the sea.
    5'8" tall 28" inseam full face helmet (currently Shoei RF1100)
    My biggest issue was with noise more then buffeting, but buffeting was still there.

    My DLs
    2004, madstad with stock screen, Suzuki Gel seat, round mirrors, knuckle guards. XR650L bars on 1.75 tall risers
    I adjusted the madstad to have the top of the screen closer to me, so in other-words layed back.

    2012 Givi Airflow, knuckle guards, same bar set up. Low profile mirrors.(which replace some round ones)

    The stock first gen DL was really bad. I nearly sold the bike because it was so bad but after messing around with it I got it to the point that it was livable.

    The 12 was much better from the get go, but after about a year a 10K miles I started to really dislike it. Then I had to give the round mirrors back, I had put them on shortly after getting the bike. And boyhowdy it was so noisy that after two blocks I turned around and returned home. Then I put the low profile mirrors on

    Cycle Gear sells them, they were on sale for around $35 bucks.
    These mirrors dropped the noise and buffeting tremendously. Really it was like a whole different bike.
    Then I got the Airflow...

    And again it was totally different. I can hear changes in the pavement now, it's so much quieter that I can even hear my tinnitus.
    There are some strange handling issues when riding fast into a slight offset, strong headwind
    The bike feels like it's pulsing.
    And sometimes there is a slight "luffing" sound, like that of a flag or sail in moderate wind

    I normally ride with ear plugs in every time I ride, but just today I rode a mile to get some lunch and I left the plugs out and for the first time even as low as 35mph it was not uncomfortably loud to be on the bike.

    In fact before the new screen and mirrors I had taken to always wearing a neck scarf of some kind, and I had filled all the holes in the helmet with earplugs to lessen the noise. Also the chin curtain was in place

    I've since pulled all the plugs and curtain out and only ride with something covering my neck for comfort.

    I didn't go with a madstad this time because of the lack of adjustment and that I also had to buy a new screen or use the touring screen I had left over from my attempts to make the 04 a decent bike.

    I'm very happy with my Airflow, it was a well made screen (Made in Italy) with decent directions and good hardware.
    I do with the spacers had a little nicer finish on them, they are steel and it looks like it's a cheap parkerized or black oxide finish, that will not last very long where I live.
    The screens also came festooned with a myriad of stickers, thankfully many of them were just the static cling style and removed with out any fuss.

    In the end, I've very happy with the windscreen set up on my bike, for me.
    I would buy the bike and windscreen again. and I'm going to buy different mirrors for my 2004 DL in hopes that it also helps that bike be quieter.
  19. VStromNC

    VStromNC DNS/DNF

    Jul 12, 2007
    Charlotte, N.C.
    I am not sure the wind buffeting and helmet buffeting was ever so bad that I thought about selling it.

    I guess I decided to improve the comfort on my Vee by going to a shorty sports screen from Paul guy with madstadt brackets. I also wear ear plugs when I ride or my ER6 if listening to music.

    I don't think about it anymore. If you are experiencing that much turbulence where you couldn't ride anymore. You may want to check your helmet/shield setup.

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  20. bubbaj

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    Jan 19, 2012
    14 Weestrom is my first bike, so I dont know how useful I will be here. My first ride on it, back from the bike shop about 50 miles away was part interstate, 75mph, everyone goes 80+. I never imagined the wind would effect the bike that much, but it was mostly crosswinds. I now have just under 600 miles, about to take it back down for the first service, and the only time the headwinds effect me are around 70-75mph+. I am 5'10" with 32" inseam and the stock windshield is in the middle setting. I am going to raise it up to the highest soon and try that out, but I am convinced the Givi Airflow will fix most, if not all the headwind problems for me. Even if it only makes it slightly better, it will be good enough for me.

    I have a cheap HJC helmet that gets blown around with the crosswinds, and it is quite noisy. I dont so much mind the sound of the wind while riding, but if its a long ride on the highway, ill put my cheap headphones in and play music or audiobook and it fixes it.

    I hope you find a fix for the problem, seems like everyone has a different solution, and im to poor to try them all so ill do the most common fix with the Givi, and later down the road maybe add a madstad in.