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    Im restoring an sl70, and other than an electrical problem some great folks on here helped with it has went pretty smoothly. My only issues is this, I plan finishing it n order to sell for profit, and it currently smokes a little.
    When I first got it, it did not smoke, however I took the top end off to inspect anyway. While in ther I put in a new OEM honda pistin, rings and clip.. On the stock bore with a new hone job done by a locak shop here.
    Currently it smokes. not horribly, and I only have about 25 minutes run time on it overall, which included a small test ride through the gears, and alot of idle time trying to get the headlight working. I have read many places that sometimes until the rings seat, it may smoke. Other places I have read said it should not smoke period.
    I have rebuilt few 2-strokes in my day, and of course, hard to tell with them. This is my first 4 stroke, It purs like a kitten and starts fist kick even after sitting for 3 weeks at a time. General consensus?

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    My brother had one just like that, same year and color. Brings back memories. :thumb

    Did you check the piston - bore clearance when you put the new piston in? Ring gaps set correctly?
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    Cute lil thing, as for the smoke.... how much oil or what did you use as a rebuild lube on the piston?

    Maybe the rings are not seated yet too.
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