83 xl250r electric problems

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Phlox123, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Dec 3, 2012
    Hi all im new here, dont even know if this is the right place to post my question but here goes

    I have recently aquired an old xl250r 1983 model in not a bad shape, i got the engine running again but now im tryin to sort out the electrics, lights and so on, now my questions is this, what should i be looking for when ghe bulbs keep blowing on the bike, cause the lights work when the bike idles but when i crack the throttle just a littel bit it blows the bulb, i only have the headlight bulb connected at the moment, i also dont have a battery connected, dont know if its needs the battery, maybe to act as abuffer or something to keep the voltages at 12v?

    I suspect maybe the regulator/rectifier that maybe bad? Any easy way of checking?