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    I received a note from Daniel Ross, he owns a store in Ingonish, NS, and they are planning a memorial ride. Here is his note to me.

    Hey folks,

    Just doing a final blast about the 911 run. Butch LaRose and the folks from Rolling Thunder, in Sanford are driving up to meet me in Bangor at lunchtime on Saturday, September 11th. We are then heading south to Portland for a presentation at the Maine Military Museum, then heading to a comedy night in Sanford. It sounds like a great tour and a fun evening, so I'm departing a day earlier than planned.

    If you want to come, just email or call me. I'm leaving from Arisaig on Friday morning, and leaving for home from Sanford on Sunday morning. Google maps says 8hrs driving from here to Bangor and Sanford is 3hrs south of that.

    Otherwise ladies and gents, enjoy the fall riding - watch out for wildlife, and remember traction is a bit less when it's colder....

    Here's the route


    Daniel Ross

    4053 South River Road, Antigonish, NS, B2G 2H6