950 carb overhaul kit?

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    Hi people - I'm in Oz and have had lots of issues getting the carbs on my 950 ADV set up correctly. Is there a kit out there that can be purchased with everything needed to overhaul the carbs - replace the jets, needles & seats, diaphragms etc or does it all need to be purchased separately?

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    Nick (wantok)
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    You can get the KTM carb rebuild kit, but the kit is limited. I believe that it is limited to mostly gaskets and O-rings.

    I just bought new floats and bowl needles for mine, and that was about $100 US. I don't think that the floats and needles are in the larger kit. Could be wrong. Before that, I bought the stock needles to replace the aftermarket needles that came with my carbs. Those were about $80.

    I don't believe that the seats on these carbs are replaceable -- I could not see a way of pulling the brass from the carb. I've also not seen the seats priced separately, leading me to the same conclusion. Again, could be wrong.

    I'm pretty sure the rebuild kit also does not include jets. You can get various Keihin jets in a kit from Factory Pro.

    I just looked this up as well -- a new set of carbs can currently be had for about $600 US. At some point, it makes more sense just to get a new set of carbs and sell the old ones. FWIW.