950 S-new look, new mods, new year

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    You're always up to something, which is great for us 9xx KTM'ers. Any further thoughts, plans, on non-safari, tanks? Looking back at this...."t was a great learning process and we might offer something in the future but currently Aqualine is the most cost effective way to add range of this kind. The best things that these offer is NO warpage and OEM width, w/ 13 gallon range when need be. Plus there were 2 lbs lighter than the Aqualines. I do run Crash guards w/ them though as I always have in the past w/ the Aqualines too. I'm really liking the A990 bags to keep all my winch stuff handy. Taking what we've learned this season and 30,000 miles, we might try and make a 9-10 gallon test version this winter. Thin as stock, lighter and easier to build.:d

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    I guess I could say it helps keep me out of trouble.....

    Not at this time. One off sets cost way to much time to make. Safari's are at least 1/2 the price. But if you're serious, email me.