950se voltage regulator

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  1. motomaster132003

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Recent the voltage regulator on my 950se started charging my battery at 17 v above idle. This caused my new battery to fail. Is buying a new voltage regulator and moving it to the side of the bike a good fix, or should I put on a regulator from an r1 like others have done? Thanks
  2. Two Moto Kiwis

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    Apr 12, 2007
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    New for sure and relocate good idea to stop it getting rebaked.
  3. It'sNotTheBike

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    Jul 20, 2011
    The stock voltage regulator is poor quality and it would be a mistake to install a new
    stock part when for the same or less money you can install a superior part.

    Buy a Shindengen MOSFET regulator and install it on the left side of the bike,
    where it is not exposed to the excessive heat as in the OEM location which
    is much too close to the exhaust header.

    There are several vendors in the US who sell a kit which includes the genuine
    Shindengen voltage regulator.

    I have done business with the company below and can say they are a first class operation
    and they give service which is above and beyond the norm. They provided me
    with a kit which included virtually everything necessary to install a Shindengen
    voltage regulator on my 950 Super Enduro, including color-matched heat shrink
    tubing, high quality copper wire, connectors of the proper size, a circuit breaker, etc.
    The only thing you will need to work out yourself is how to physically attach the voltage
    regulator to the frame tubes of the bike. I used two heavy duty electrical wire ties
    because they are easily found most anywhere and they are tough yet weigh next to
    nothing and will not fail due to vibration or corrosion.

    The company owner, Jack, is a test pilot for a company which manufactures helicopters.
    I think that alone should tell you that you will be dealing with a person who knows
    the importance of doing things right the first time. I cannot speak highly enough of
    the quality of parts and service I received from this company. I wish all
    vendors were as good as this one. I have no affiliation with the company nor did the
    company provide me with any special deal. I am merely a very satisfied customer.


  4. motomaster132003

    motomaster132003 Adventurer

    Apr 24, 2011
    Thanks for the reply! I think I will get the basic kit from roadstercycle and then make a harness that will work with the stock connectors and fuse so that I have the to option to hook up either regulator if I am ever stranded.