990 Adventure sidestand switch - help needed

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    I have already posted this on the KTM UK and Adventure BIke Rider forums so apologies if you have read it already.

    While ferrying across to Roscoff (France) in May I decided that the crew had not tightened the ratchet belt holding down my KTM 990 Adventure sufficiently and so tightened it further ... bending the sidestand where it joins it joins its securing bracket. The bike has leaned at a jaunty angle ever since and is a little unstable while on its sidestand fully loaded.

    On Sunday I decided to fit a new sidestand and managed it well enough until I came to start the bike up. Engaging first gear stopped the engine as if the sidestand was down! The new stand fully springs to its up position and fits as it should with just a little give.

    I left the bracket exactly as it was and only replaced the sidestand. The process involved removing the sump guard to help access, undoing the old bolt and detaching the spring, attaching the spring to the bracket and new sidestand and fixing the stand with a its supplied bolt before re-fixing the sump guard

    I am assuming that the sidestand switch is faulty but, to the best of my knowledge, I went nowhere near the switch or it's wiring. I did not disengage the battery during the process which, with hindsight, may have allowed a shorting of the switch although I cannot see how.

    Has anyone got any ideas as to what the problem may be? If it is the switch, how did I break it (the wiring seems intact so far as I can tell without removing the side stand bracket)?

    Also, is there a fuse that governs the switch? I cannot find one. All I can locate are those mentioned in the owners manual (in the "glove compartment" and the main fuse and the two ABS fuses that sit close to the main fuse near the battery - all of these are fine).

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    I am not familiar with your bike, but in my Kawasaki Ninja, it works like this:

    "When the sidestand is in the up (riding) position, the safety switch closes and completes a circuit from the to chassis ground. When the sidestand is down (parked) the safety switch opens and completes the and completes the ignition module enable circuit, allowing the motorcycle to be driven. As the sidestand safety switch is only a component of the run circuit, and not a component of the start circuit, the position of the sidestand is not relevant when diagnosing starting problems.

    If you disconnect the wires from the switch and put them together, you have by-passed the safety switch: then, if the motorcycle runs, then most likely the sidestand safety switch is faulty. If the motorcycle still does not run, then the fault is elsewhere. Remember to reconnect the sidestand safety switch to the wire harness when finished trouble-shooting. Failing to do so is very unsafe.

    Before deciding to replace a safety switch, a quick inspection may turn up a misaligned switch plunger, or a buildup of road grime around the switch, preventing the switch plunger from fully extending. Frequently all that is needed is a good cleaning and a spritz of WD-40 for lubrication. Tempting as it may be to operate the motorcycle with the safety switches bypassed, DON'T."


    I would check that the new stand pushes the switch all the way until producing an audible click.
    If not, some adjusting and cleaning of the switch plunge may be needed.
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