990 Can not start, gives error

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Moscow, Russia
    :dog After replacing leaky starter gasket, did a thorough engine wash and put all together.
    After all main parts were installed, attempted to start, but it would crank slowly and then stop, after that wil ltry to crank but without any success and would turn the display off and show Soft..something 10.2, Data ...Something 3.3...after key is reset, same thing but wouldn't crank or crank veeeery slowly.

    Connected charger, but buttery is ok-New Shorai.

    Assumed that is got kind of a back pressure in the cyl and removed the easiest rear spark. engine started to turn extremely fast-but now water ar else came out, spark was dry, put the spark back in and it fired right up!
    Took it for a small spin round the block, was a bit strange in responce, but decided it will go away and it is time for a TuneEcu to see what is going on.

    Spend about an hour trying to connect, but it was not connecting and occasionally giving cable problems popup- cable is all in takt, reconnected at each joint but no success, even with battery connected to charger, which usually is not required.

    Gave up on it and decided to continue today, however this morning the same shit happened again, it would crank a bit, and then refuse to crank at all, even afrer key reset, giving same info on display.

    What could be wrong?

    1- starter position?
    2- Washing the bike resulted in some electrical issues, however bike used to cross rivers many times and get fully submerged without any issues.
    3- Starter relay looked OK from outside, but maybe internal contacts oxidized from Acidic shit they used on a car wash for cleaning the engine gunk, as it left staines on all black coated parts, like forks, passenger pegs and so on.
    4- Since Tune Ecu couldn't connect-there maybe a glitch in the ECU, again water related...however cranking after spark removal tells that it could be more mechanical!!!
    5- Which leads me to an option that since Tuner was not connected, I couldn't correctly adjust throttle cables, maybe if I give it more slack it will change something in TPS reading???
  2. Yascher

    Yascher Been here awhile

    Oct 8, 2009
    Moscow, Russia

    initial issue with starting was that on scheme there is only 2 ground wires from starter, but in reality is 3!!!
    and by pure luck-the 3rd one is the one from the battery, as it is short and tends to slip out and hide behind the frame and engine mounts((((

    the sad bit is that I have other set of wires from battery to electric distributor and everything started to run through these thin wires which were starting to smoke!!!

    OK, fixed that)))) the next thing is that the bike has now no power, found the reason-blown ignition fuse. everything is off, try to put the new one in, it sparks and blows!!!

    and so it goes....only way is to go through all electrics one by one

    spend almost a weeks worth evenings trying to figure out why the ignition fuse would blow just on any attempt to put the fuse there.
    step one-one one side we have battery + and on the other we have - for some reason....
    2 why there is ground? it supposed to go only to fuel pump relay and to ignition switch from the scheme...yellow-black wire
    3 disconnected both-the problem remains....
    4 disconnected almost everything possible-problem has gone:clap
    5 connected everything back one by one(at least i thought so initially) still works and bike runs fine))a)
    6 put all the minor bits on and roll out for a short test ride, turn the key and....NOTHING)))) AGAIN???? SHIT!!! yes-a blown ignition fuse!!!

    Tie to start over another day with a multimeter

    One by one, disconnect fuel pump relay and ignition switch-no result, still grounded…
    according to 2008 wiring diagram these are the only to wires from this fuse, unfortunately I do not have 2009 and up diagram(((
    well it is a triangle between 2 connectors and a fuse block-muct be a breakage-grounding on the way-either two melted wires, or contact with frame, time to strip everything in between,
    starting to move the wires around the headstock with multimeter connected, no result, starting to open up the area to access to the wires and strip the insulation and therefore I need to get the lamps off, and disconnect most connectors behind, not a sign of change, until I get to a small connector from Hazard blinker-BINGO-thats the one shorted!
    but WTF it has to do with the Ignition and fuel pump? maybe a 2009+ diagram will shine some light when I get it, but it does have 2 yellow black wires going in and is shorted inside to a grey wire.

    the button no longer works, therefore it is cooked inside. It is waterproof, o so I thought! It base a small drain hole, but for some reason it is on the top side, the triangle of the button is asymmetrical and can only be inserted one way, with the hole up))))) THANKS KTM!!!

    It is made in one piece and can only be replaced as a complete part,
    my advise to have a spare, or if similar symptoms occur, just disconnect it