990 Electrical Problem HELP?

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    I have a 990 ADV R 2010 model. Was on a long trip and bike will now do nothing. Short story. I noticed my battery wasn't recharging well. Thought it was either a scavage leak or battery about to give up the ghost. Stopped at a gas station and left the lights on for about 5 minutes. Came back and there was not enough power to start the bike. Lights came on, FI pump worked but not enough juice to start. Got a kind soul to give me a jump, now I have NOTHING. No lights, no dash no Nothing. I checked every fuse. Fuseable link, everything. Unhooked my battery and hooked up my buddies battery...nothing. Is there a reset button? I heard there is a chip in the key for theft...could that have disabled everything? Does all electricity go through the CDI box? Could that have gotten fried? Oh, PS: we discovered that the hot lead wire to the battery was loose and that was probably the cause for it not recharging well in the first place.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Have you checked the starter relay? There is a 30a fuse on it. If this blows you will have no power at all.
    Drop the engine cover fr easy access check the plug on it too known to corrode easily.
    Failing that check the ignition wires leading into the bottom of the ignition barrel another weak point.
    Many other possible solutions but a good place to start. Check for power at the relay and out.
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