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Discussion in 'Australia' started by Maccaoz, Jun 8, 2008.

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    Oct 13, 2007
    After a dramatic off(well it was to me)on the Donohue Hwy I would like to publicly thank Kiwi Alane who turned up at the right time.Griffo for coming back.Both for setting up my tent/coffee/pills etc.Griffo for all the km he did to the nearest station the next morning(and later,again with my bike).Steve the Manager of Glenormiston Stn for the organization of the Flying Docs and transport to the strip +storage and transport of the bike back to Boulia.To the staff of the Flying Docs,the Ambulance Service and Mt.Isa hospital.To all involved THANK YOU VERY BIG.
    After all that ,a busted rib,bashed up shoulder and sore bits is the total damage.The bike looks a bit sad and that sexy 08KLR fairing dont look so sexy now.Check and fix it all when it gets home.Zeus helmet is fucked but I'm not.The Dririder x jacket has a few more battle scars but I dont .Crash bars and Andy Bagz did the job of protecting most of Dexta.Only problem is teaching Dexta the landing drill,he seams to have the take off sorted out OK
    RACQ Ultra care ?What the-------? To be continued--
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    Sorry to hear about the off...I'm glad you are well enough to type a message and i hope everything goes OK.