A close one!

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    Feb 3, 2013
    I dumped my bike (Honda CB650 Custom, 1981) the other day at the end of the driveway, hit a glob of clay left by line crews on my rural road. Bike picked up the blob while wheel straight, carried it round, and as I reached the far lane (of two total) and was in center of turn and rolling on power, she spooged into a lowside fall, landing the front tire into the 2 foot deep ditch on the far side of the road. I tried to pick up the bike, but standing on the snotty slick stripe remaining, fell again, bike on top of me. Scuffed leather chaps, sore elbow, not a mark on the skin though (ATGATT!). This time I managed to lift it correctly and not slip again! Embarrassing....:cry

    Today, I had another close call. The bike has been suffering evidently with a clogged jet orifice or two. I was cruising along the freeway at 65 MPH, 5th gear and perhaps 6K or a shade more RPM, and then the bike had a minor hesitation.:huh Before it could even register what was going on, she suddenly lept forward and the speedo pegged, still accelerating and me holding on for life:eek1:eek2. It was cold and my fingers were getting numb, so it was a little dicey for a minute. I regained composure and slowed down again, but NOW the bike is running great! I thought it had power before... 650 is PLENTY for a noob! PLENTY!:deal