A day in the Cells, Northern NSW

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    No we didn't end up locked up by the constabulary. The Cells River region is a cracker place for a ride and it isn't all that far from where we live. Here's the report of yesterday's ride.

    I woke up Sunday morning without any plans for the day other than to fix a leaking seal on my brother’s XR600, a 15 minute job, so I was at a loose end as to how to spend the rest of the day.

    At 8am I found my phone on the workbench in the shed where it had spent the night and there was a new message on it from Moose.

    It read “ Trail ride from my place tomorrow starting at 9am adventure style for anyone whose interested” [sic]

    Interested? Bloody oath I was, yet I only had an hours notice to get ready and have some breakfast. I rang Moose to see what the go was and he said, His brother John who is now the proud owner of a 1989 NX650 and Kram and himself were going riding with no firm plan or direction. And they would drop by my place on the way to pick me up.

    The boys arrived at my place pretty well on time and we headed off out through Beechwood towards Pappinbarra and Werrikimbee National Park.

    We pulled up at the start of Right Arm road after a hot run up the tar and the start of the gravel proper.



    Right Arm Road leads up into the Werrikimbee National Park where it meets with The Hastings Forest Way, it is a nice run up through farmland and there are a couple of creek crossings along the way.

    Kram showed us how he crossed the Murray river with style.


    The mighty NX is a veteran river crosser and she just charged across.


    One of the reasons the boys chose to go this way is that they wanted to ride a side road, John and Moose had ridden 15 years previously and by the looks off things, that may have been the last time it was ridden!


    It was totally covered in grass and leaves and it was slippery as anything you could imagine. This road was gold and should be on anyone’s route who is planning a run into Werrikimbee. The only snag came when we came across a fallen log across the trail. It was slippery and at an angle across the trail, I had first go at it on the XR and got tangled up in the trash on the other side of the log causing me to get hung up.


    The boys gave me a hand to get the XR over it and we cleaned up the trash behind the log, allowing the rest of the gang a better crack at the log. First to have a bash at it was John on the NX and he was up and over the log like he was on a current model Enduro bike.


    Next was Kram who also made it over, with a little assistance from Moose


    Moose also made it look easy.


    From here John took the lead on the NX with me in hot pursuit, John can peddle the old NX like no one’s business and I was having a ball chasing him. I rounded one very leafy corner to find John and the NX laying on their sides beneath what looked like a turkey’s mound of leaves. John had lost the back end and had spun around 180 degrees and slid down the trail. No damage done as the leaves were so thick they cushioned the fall.

    We then made our way down to the Forbes River for a breather. A pretty place but you had to watch your step!


    We then headed down through, Birdwood and met up with the Oxley Highway at Yarras. Anyone who has ridden the Oxley Highway up towards Ginger’s Creek will know that is one of the top sections of road for road bikes in Australia.

    As we are responsible motorcyclists in our 40’s we took our time and just meandered up the hill at a steady pace admiring the view on the way.

    Yeah right! John set a cracking pace on the NX and it was left to us to try and keep him in sight. Moose, Kram and myself formed a bike train up the hill and had a ball on the hot mix, probably cornering a bit harder than one should on Knobbies!

    We only did about 10kms of the mountain before turning off the Highway again onto Ralfe’s Trail. It was at this turn off that we had to siphon some fuel out of Moose’s DR super tanker for the XR which had gone onto reserve at the bottom of the mountain.


    Ralfe’s trail goes onto link up with the Old Highway that leads you down through the Doyles River State forest, all along the Old Highway single trails lead off in all directions, many of which I have ridden in the past on previous missions to the Cells, some great rides came to mind as we made our way towards Knodingbull Road.

    Along the old highway, Kram crashed into a little tree and knocked it over.


    Not really, this was the only obstacle along the trails though that were clear and dust free from recent rains.

    Once we reached Knodingbull Rd we started to make our way to Gingers Creek for lunch via what we know as the Cappachinno trail, which brings you out onto the highway 2kms west of Gingers Creek Store.


    Excellent burgers were served all round and I topped up with fuel again and was surprised to see that fuel was cheaper at Gingers Creek than it was in town. Go figure?

    Anyhow we then headed west on the highway for about 10kms and turned down Grassy ridge road and headed down into the Cells SCA. The drop down into the Cells is steep and greasy red clay which made for entertaining antics by the boys as we skated down towards the Cells River. Once at the bottom we stopped at the Cells Hilton for a breather.


    John led us on foot into the scrub a short way to witness one of the Cells Ewoks in its burrow. It was a friendly little fellow but not what I would call cute by any stretch of the imagination.


    We headed up out of the Cells Via Cells Jeep Trail and on to Knodingbull road again. We followed Knodingbull south to Elands and Ellenborough Falls. There wasn’t near as much water going over the falls as last time Moose and I were there but the view as always was great.


    From Elands It was a 24 km run across to the Comboyne Plateau, where a dingbat complete with pillion passenger pulled out on me on what looked like a Honda Goldwing or some other monsterous piece of mobile lounge chair. He didn’t even look before pulling out. You should have seen the look in his passenger’s eyes when I just missed them! She shat herself I am sure! Two minutes later I had some other dingbat on a 250cc cruiser of some sort come straight at me on the wrong side of the road on a corner!! Time to get off the tar I thought and we headed across the plateau towards Comboyne Rock. Five minutes after hitting the dirt I was again confronted with four dirt bikes coming at me at speed. The old pull left saved the day here too. Three near misses in 10 minutes WTF?

    Once we got past Comboyne Rock it was plain sailing down through Bago State Forest and onto my shed for a few beers to wash down the dust. We ended up doing just shy of 300kms for the day and covered some great country and rode some great sections of road and trails. Over a few beers we all agreed that we are indeed blessed to be living here on the Mid North Coast of NSW.
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    Great ride.


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    Kool RR. I,ll be up there myself in a few weeks

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    Nice ride! ^^

    Well done on your dingbat avoidance. No collisions, best result achieved. :beer: