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    Hello Everyone,

    Some of you know may have noticed that our contribution to the forums has been a little less in the past few weeks, not going much beyond the regular answers to your questions. The main reason, apart from being on a five-month motorcycle trip, has been a total re-evaluation of Teiz Motorsports. A few months back, I started to get the feeling that I am deviating from my original mission statement in some ways. Since this realization, I have taken a step back and totally revamped Teiz Motorsports. Here are some changes you may have recently noticed:

    • We can now produce orders in 15 days or less
    • We ship to your doorstep directly from the factory
    • A new warehouse that provides consistently punctual service
    • New trial suits that can be shipped to your doorstep for size confirmation.

    These are just some of the ways we have been improving service. But what was the original Teiz claim to fame, which was also the title of several forums threads related to Teiz Motorsports? “An exceptional riding suit for just $289!” I wanted to go back to that but beat all prior expectations along the way. This led to the creation of our Super Saver service.

    Super Saver offers your incredible savings, sometimes even more than 50%, in exchange for a bit of a wait. We can make a suit for you in less than 15 days, but if you can wait around 8 weeks to receive the suit, we are able to offer you incredible discounts.

    How can we do this? What’s the catch? Are these inferior products?

    Materials and quality wise there is absolutely no difference in products that are discounted. The difference is in the supply-chain, logistics, overheads and freight costs.

    We have a production team that specifically focuses on suits that need to be completed quickly for factory-direct shipping. The overheads for operating this team are significant. The actual shipping costs are also extremely high (much more than what we charge you). Essentially, the suits are treated as one-offs even though you may have ordered a regular product.

    But when you are willing to wait, we produce suits in larger batches which reduces the overhead significantly. Then we import the suits, which is also much cheaper than direct shipping. The savings are significant and we pass them on directly to you.

    For all one-piece suits, we highly recommend that you avail our trial service. We have trials sizes available in every size. Trials are free with our Standard service and that includes shipping in both directions!

    Due to availability of trial sizes and also the new Super Saver pricing structure, one-piece suits will not be eligible for return or exchange. If you are looking to avail the Super Saver discount, we recommend that you add the trial size option for a nominal fee.

    Over this weekend, our entire one-piece range will get the Super Saver update. We intend to bring in the first Super Saver shipment in November so get your orders in quickly – especially since you will probably require a trial size as well.

    Thank you for your continued support.