A recommendation for new DS riders.

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    Jun 2, 2005
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    If you are new to dual sport riding and are looking for a great place to ride off road that isn't too challenging, scenic, has good facilities and access to camping and the city, look no further. You should check out Riverside State Park near Spokane. Now I know it's a long ride/haul from the Seattle area, but it's worth the trip. Plus you can stop off at the Mosses Lake Sand Dunes on the way, very cool.

    It's a great place for women and kids to get to know their bikes, their capabilities, and gain off road confidence. I've taken my family there and my wife and sons love it. The trails are almost devoid of rocks, the soil is sandy, the trails are mostly smooth, wide and the terrain is for the most part gently rolling. The trials run through widely spaced pines. There are sand flats for wide open runs and some tall, 20'+ sand banks to climb.

    The ORV Park is set right on the edge of town close to motels and bars. There is a camp ground a couple miles away on the river, very nice, with hiking and biking trails. There is no camping at the ORV area, but they have a nice paved parking lot, picnic shelter/area and flush toilets. If I'd just bought my wife a new dual sport bike, GENTRY, I'd take her there. The area is a little on the small side for hard charging adults, but you will love riding there.

    You ladies should get a trip together and go have the time of your lives.

    The shelter, rest rooms, and parking lot.


    Looking past our truck into the riding area, week day all to ourselves.


    My wife has all the other photos taken while riding inside the ORV area.
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    Mar 1, 2005
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    She wants to go play over on the olympic peninsula. There are some nice runs over there. Im sure we'll get over Spokane way one of these days..